Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just Gorgeous

Super secret project
World of Twilight demo game at Salute

You are not Banned

Design Dragon Forge Design a Banner Contest! Win Free Bases!

Such Colours

Talking, walking, Tzeentch-ing

Travel in style

The Box Is Back! Figure Travel Box is Available Again..for a While!

Looking very nice

Eldar Falcon

Great Potential

This is Sparta! Chapterhouse Studios releases Spartan Helmets for Marines

Cryx are my fave and these just got even better

Bane Thralls

Those Grey Knights, again, completed

Primera fila terminada


Painting Red Armor

In the crowd

5 things to make your army stand out


4 Step Gold

Nice to see finished armies

Showcase: My armies

Got the sand on your bases?


Dark and Unforgiven

Dark Angel Veteran

Castles, Zouaves and The Colonel's Lucky Day !!! (Part 1)

Castles and Competition Result

The Canine's Spheroids

Forge World Nurgle Terminators and Tzeench Sorcerer commission work.

Bits o Tin

Tin Bitz

[The Rogue Trader] - Cheap Knights

[The Rogue Trader] - Cheap Knights


How to do a Headstand

Bloody Good Army

Blood Angels Stormraven Finished (with video)

Gots to post it, just for the gob

Forgeworld - New Warhammer Forge Characters

Lovely Retribution

Scyrah Calls


On the Horizon for April