Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Massive Voodoo, That You Do, To The Colonel !!!

"As we did expect more there are now massive good News:
Everyone who participated will get a little price by MV,
even those who might not win the Skype Sessions ..."

2nd Anniversary Workspace Birthday Celebrations - Entries


Winners of the 2nd Birthday Workspace - Skype Session

My fave

Hobbycrib V1

New House :)

Flash !!!

UPDATE] Taking and Editing Pics
Photographing Your Minis

I Say, Dear Boy

Dress up like a million dollar trouper

AoPs - Fill Your Boots

Armies on Parade - Battle for Salvation GT

Throne of Skulls - Best Painted (Part 2)

Throne of Skulls - Best Painted (Part 1)

The Pointy End

Golden Demon: Slayerswords of 2011
Golden Demon Winners Gallery

Any Colour You Like

Color Warz : Paint Brawl


We take a trip to the Flickr Pool


I want your soul
Wold Stalkers, underway


Meanwhile, back in the slave market...

Metal Pigments ;)

Using metallic weathering powder on models


We take a trip to the Flickr Pool

Big, Bad, Bird (bumped for BBB progress)

Unboxing the Thunderhawk Gunship

Thunderhawk: The Big Clean Up

Thunderhawk: Early Dry Fit
Thunderhawk: Tools for the Job

Thunderhawk: Winging it

Thunderhawk: Interior Design

Thunderhawk: Grinding the engines

Thunderhawk: Pin to win

Thunderhawk: Wash your bits

Thunderhawk: Landing gear part 1

Thunderhawk: Landing Gear Part 2

Thunderhawk: Tail fin

Thunderhawk: Front wings and aerilons

Thunderhawk: We need guns... lots of guns. Part 1

Thunderhawk: We need guns... lots of guns. Part 2.


An Interview with the (In?)Famous Meg Maples – Privateer Press Studio Painter
Meg Maples


Guest Spot: Brian's Blood Angels Part 3 (MOAR AWESOMENESS)


Strange Aeons chained coffins and tombstones


Town house WIP. Painting. part 2


How To Cast Resin Tutorial Part 2 What To Cast (Gatling Gun Big Shoota)


How I’m Painting Roman Legionaries

We sure need one (bumped for done)

WIP Mephiston Sculpt / Conversion (3)

WIP Mephiston Sculpt / Conversion (2)

WIP Mephiston Sculpt / Conversion


Hobby- Painted Pre-Heresy Styled Terminators


Going to Church yet again

Tabletop World makes Graveyard Mausoleum available separately


The Terrain Modeling of Steve “Kamloopian” Delaney

prt1 - 40K rubbled building - StainedGlass