Saturday, 27 August 2011

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Perry Plastic Zouaves

Keeping abreast with good causes

Cornwall Breast Cancer Brawl, Oct 15th - Full Details

Rusty Kan

Modeling: Rust Technique

Dirty Knights

Restoring Old Models

Mutto Matto ... A contemplation from The Colonel and Another Project (Part 1)

I am in my early 50s. I enjoy the wisdom, knowledge and skills of age, along with the hope, health and vigour of youth ;)

During my recent move, I had to consider lots of stuff. Many vinyl LPs have teetered on the edge of keeping, Ebaying, charity shop or disposal - this has not been easy (and is still ongoing).

Although I often listen to my digital version of Olias of Sunhillow, digging out the treat of the expanding LP sleeve (artist, David Fairbrother-Roe) ...

... took me back to times, when I would belt out the opening tracks, as I prepared to go out to some wondrous and exciting story of youthful conquest ... to parties, to special places and people - those were very good days of what could have been and were.

Thank you Jon and David, maybe a small version of The Moorglade Mover will fly soon :)


Dorva, Female Dark Elf


Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

Ultramarine Terminator Character

RAFF's Gallery

Dragon Blast


Light up your life

The Right Light


Gaming Table Project : Bricks and Mortars

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MaxMini release Iron Pattern Jump Packs

... and they mostly come at night ... mostly

Ruined Temple & Alien Invasion!

Focus on painting

Wargear Glasses in Painting

It's madness, I tell you

Model Making: Shrinking Resin!

Wish pics were a little clearer

Finished Sanguinary Priest and WIP Wolf lord from Scibor


Finished Sanguinary Priest and WIP Wolf lord from Scibor


The Ancible podcast: recording episode #2

Good project continues

Terrain Work - Trenches, Part 6 - Command Trench Finished

Good work K !!!

Paint equivalent chart

Ogre Bits and Goodness

Warhammer Fantasy: Oger Gussrahmen

Ogre Kingdoms, Official Announcement Release. More Pics and Link
New Ogres on Advanced Order

Ogre Kingdoms: Getting Started