Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Excellent airbrush series

WTC Airbrush Journey

>Masking and Stenciling
>Types of Thinners
>Practicing with Airbrushes
>Overview of Airbrush Paints and Thinners
>Splitting your Compressor's Line
>In-Line Compressor and Tank Devices
>Using Compressors
>Assembling Compressors
>What to look for when finding a Compressor / Tank
>Build an Airbrush Holder
>Disassembling Airbrushes
>Cleaning Airbrushes
>What to look for when finding an Airbrush
>Airbrushing Overview and Introduction


Warhammer 40k – Damaging Vehicles [5th ed]

Card on the table

Working With Plasticard; A How-To Guide!

Glorious base

Tutorial: Creating unique plants and flowers

The Train Hath Arrived

The Artillery Train of Nuln (Part 9)

Casting Away

Resin Casting Tutorial Video
How to Cast with Resin
How to Make a Silicone Mold
How to Make a Silicone Mold

Red Steel Visit The Death Star

Red Steel goes to Warhammer World ~ UK ~ Lenton, Nottingham

Love 'em

Cptn Kara Black... 


Eldar Snow and LED Lit Display Board Finished
Eldar Snow and LED Display Board Part 2
Eldar Snow and LED Lit Display Board #1

Careful of Dave's Boob

WAVE S.A.F.S. Snowman Staff Sergeant David Woodwards


WargamesCon Apocalypse Terrain

Holy ...

Convento, por Escenorama

Chucky Eggs

Tiranido Tau, por Dragonsland

More GD Spain 2011

Games Day Spain 2011 (pictures)
Games Day Madrid 2011

Golden Demon SPAIN 2011
Golden Demon Spain 2011

More Micromodelling Mania

The "Captured X-Wing" work: Fine Molds 1/72

Like this

Magnets - How Do They Work? 

Nice Diobases

Valdemar medieval casualty 1/72.


Excellent airbrush starter research

The Compleat Cheapskate's Guide to Getting Started in Airbrushing , v. 1.0

All his WIP

Tutorial: Custom Cork Bases

Hobbycrib Mobile

Origins 2011, Part II

Airbrush absent


Old But Good

My Experiment With Milliput

Man, at this rate, it will be 1,000,000 before I am done ;)

Weehooooh ... 35,000 hits ... TY folks, onwards :)

Jolly Super ... Ooooooo look, skulls

Red Librarian
Goleden Army and other stuff


The Best Paint Storage Solution... for me :)

Dark and Cold

Dark Eldar Commission 1.0


A little late, but better than never!

Shrine of The Hobbycribs

New Studio

Entirely too much recent excellence, from Ángel, to link


Chunky Magnets

Leman Russ magnetized