Saturday, 17 March 2012

Green Death

An Interview with Nick Kyme

Lovely Work

[PRO] Work in Progress!


Ork Soope Stompa Scratchbuild


10 notes

Ag Cranium

Silver Skulls - Tactical Marine Part 2
Silver Skulls - Tactical Marine

CMON Lovelies

alchemists of dirz boss
Rackham / legacy Miniatures Dirz Wyrm
Nurgle Chaos Lord
Medievil Tavern
Crimson Fists Captain
Marauder Horde Amry
Happy Monk

Oh, Hello

2D Art: Once in the woods

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Novedad para Bushido

Necron Warrior Conversions...I still function!

Saturday Shout Out #14: Special Operations: Killzone

Hornet Head Set
Soviet heads

U.K. 95mm Howitzer Ammo set

Sturmgeschütz IV

AFV-NEWS – The Art of War

"The diorama for the Sherman and … "

Bushido Puppetmaster

Battle Of Britain (Scale Request)

Dark Eldar Heamonculus – ØRNULV MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 1
Dark Eldar Venom – ØRNULV MARCH 2012 PROJECT # 2

News: Warpfire Dragon from Warhammer Forge

Necrons Completed for SVAXII
SVA countdown
SVA Reserves

I snuff a souls light..

7000 points a side FOW battle


Executive Departure

Christoph Hartmann z Ostlandu

On How To Be A Merchant in Mordheim

2012 C3 in Hong Kong Coverage Part 2

Novedades Scale 75 - Marzo

Holoboards and Power Fields

Artillerie française 1812 - 1/72ème (20mm)

Cyberwolves - Warhound Conversion

Scontro al Tempio dei Teschi 3/3

Caixes de fusta


FOW Unit Cheat Sheet
FOW Unit Cheat Sheet (2)

Eraje Olas

 Kallamity’s Kastor Available for Preorder!

 Märzverlosung - Legion of Everblight Starterbox