Wednesday, 31 October 2012


How to Paint a Chaos Warpsmith part 1/3
How to Paint a Chaos Warpsmith part 2/3
How to Paint a Chaos Warpsmith part 3/3

Fire !!!

Flames of War - Open Fire Version 3
Flames of War - Open Fire V3 update

Hobbyclaycribs (bumped for addage)

Studio Finally Set Up at my House For The Winter
Sculpture Tutorial - Protector - Surgery on his Face
Sculpture Tutorial - Protector - Working out the Design 
Sculpture Tutorial - Finishing up WOLF ROBE
Sculpture Tutorial - Working on the bust of The Protector
Sculpture Tutorial - Using a Fabric Stiffener 
Sculpture Tutorial - Stiffener and Eyes Today 
Sculpture Tutorial - Shirt and Eye Surgery
Sculpture Tutorial - Visiting Two Foundries Today - Plains Warrior in Wax
Sculpture Tutorial - Finalizing Wolf Robe Clay for Foundry
Sculpture Tutorial - Coloring Bronze - At the Foundry
Doing a show in Dillon Montana Today
Sculpture Tutorial - Shipping to Italy and Re-Coloring Island Song

Chips With That

Chipped paint with a #2 Pencil

More Biggy

Warmachine / Hordes Circle Orboros Woldwrath Gargantuan Unboxing

Fire Away

Q n' A session 02 31/10/2012


Iwata power jet pro review


Games Workshop Battlescape Unboxed (Warhammer 40K Review)


Blood Angels Stormraven Unboxed (Warhammer 40K Review)

Little Germans

Review of German WW2 Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 1 (Orion 1/72)


Dropzone Commander- Demonstration and Comments

On Show


Are Yours Tiny? (bumped for addage)

Scale Model Kustoms - painting small parts

Quick tip on mounting heads

Bloody Wolf

Warboss Taetorial - How to Paint Blood with Tamiya Clear Red

Lady Of The Paint

Something western this way comes............

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Grave Concerns

Craft open graves for your D&D game (The DM's Craft, EP32)

Late Tanks

Flames of War Easy Eight Tank Platoon Unboxed

Sticky Skulls

Freaky 3D Printed Skulls!

So Many Names, Only One Artist

Visual, plus captions, for now, from Genet Models ...

Tools and Materials

Proper Edging Technique

Gluing Techniques, Part I

Gluing Techniques, Part II

Keep up-to-date, with Chris, at the Video Shelf.

Not Quite Free

Vacuum Forming for Free

Savage Shells

Making Hard-Shell Molds with Adam Savage
Technique: Making a Hard-Shell Mold

Yum And Not

Mold-Making for Edible Creations

From 3D Drawing to Small Scale Production

Micro Helicopter Repair


Bellfounding Using the Lost Wax Casting Method

The Emperor Fabricates

Thorsson on MAKE Volume 32 Cover
First-Ever MAKE Editors’ Hangout Set for Today
Join MAKE Editors for Live Google+ Hangout

Monday, 29 October 2012


A Whole New MakerBot: Introducing Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer
MakerBot Replicator 2 Video Tutorials

Time Lapse Video And Some Cool MakerWare Specs

High Resolution + MakerBot PLA = Really Pro Stuff

Huge Time Lapse And Gumball Machine Collectibles On Thingiverse

#ALD12 @findingada Kacie Hultgren


Project Mercury Pt 1


Warmachine / Hordes Retribution Arkantrik Force Generator Unboxed

Two-Faced (bumped for addage)

Using Fibreglass Part 1
Using Fibreglass Part 2
Using Fibreglass Part 3


Overhead camera rig v2

From Nottingham, I Think

From the Wastes they come...


Continuing my Malifaux journey - transporting the minis


Spectacular Sculpt Gel on DVD


Zombie Vixens from Wargames Factory Unboxed

Rocky Roads

Welcome to Rock Ridge Completed Set
Welcome to Rock Ridge 2 story building variations


Unboxing Willie the Demolitionist for Malifaux

Taking A Bath

How to make mud splashes on tank models

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hope They Are Not

Unboxing: Chaos Space Marine Mutilators

Bomby Dears

Khador Man-O-War Bombadiers UnBoxed (Warmachine Unboxing)


Unboxing Pieces from the Modest Magic Castle and Keep Set

Thee Are Back

Dark Vengeance: Painting a Deathwing Terminator Tutorial - Part 1/3
Dark Vengeance: Painting a Deathwing Terminator Tutorial - Part 2/3
Dark Vengeance: Painting a Deathwing Terminator Tutorial - Part 3/3


Mercury 9: Part 26: Paint, Base and Bibi

Flashback (bumped for addage)

First Necron Warrior ever / old White Dwarf's Pt.1
First official Necron release / old White Dwarfs Pt. 2

Betrayed (bumped for addage)

Product Review: Forge World: The Horus Heresy Betrayal: Book One
The Horus Heresy Book One
The Horus Heresy Book 1 - The Betrayal. Taking a look inside the book
Under The Cover, Horus Heresy: Betrayal
Horus Heresy Betrayal.. ramble
ForgeWorld - Horus Heresy Book 1 - Betrayal


UNBOXING: The BIG KAHUNA (1/8th Scale by Revell)

Dem Spooky Bones

vlog #452 - Reaper Bones Ghost and Spookytoberfest