Wednesday, 19 January 2011

You lovely, little, rat

Ikit Claw - Skaven

Gotta get 'em on the table

Painting a Tabletop mini quickly

Credit where credit is due

I just had an interesting email session, with another blog owner, who I asked to be included in his blogroll. I have nothing personal against the owner and nothing but praise for his blog.

The main issue, I was told, was one of me not, clearly, crediting the content I am posting. I wish to make my position crystal clear.

I respect every blog and site I read. The sound-bite method, which I have chosen (predominately), is, whenever I see something I like, is relevant or I think is useful ... I post on it.

There is always an image (from the source or not) and always, at least, one link to the source, for the content of that post.

All I wish and intend to do, is to share what I find and expand our hobbies, so as many, as possible, may gain from the delight and enjoyment (most of the time) from participating in them.

If you are not happy, with something I have posted, please email me.

Full credit to you all ... posters, readers, sellers, sculptors, painters, photographers etc etc etc.

It is always due.

Fair Use Policy


My personal posts are here.

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Painting Tips - Collection I from D

Great minds sculpt nothing alike

Fulgrim and other Chaos Daemon Princes 

Nice Tyranid recipe and application

TUTORIAL - Tyranid Carapace

As a cardstock aficionado, I too, like ...

TerrainLinx from WorldWorks Games

Blue too

New Eldar Releases Available for Pre-Order Today.

Dip and drip

Dipping - The Conundrum

Well, well - A new (and useful) one to me

Las Plas thanks to S
Las-Plasma Platform

Now they are red

Blood Angels Reinforcements: Stormraven Gunship and Furioso Dreadnought

The Naked Truth

Basics: Skin and Cloth
Back to Basics - Skin and Hair

Now the Dread ...

Hot off the Press! Stormraven and Dreadnought Constructed!

Bargains Galore

One of my fave pastimes (fave? Editor) is visiting my local charity shops/markets for any relevant bargains, bits, practice pieces etc. I have been doing this for a long time and I have picked up many treasures, some I cannot remember where from!

Yesterday, I secured a perfect 2002 Parker Dungeon and Dragons for £2.50 (I didn't haggle).

Should Ebay it really, but I will keep it for now ...


Money-no-object movement trays

Tutorial: Making Movement Trays

Them wolves again

Alternative Thunderwolf Unboxing

Nice to see the Badabs on the way

Badab War Fire Hawk Test Mini

Very obvious, very clever

245 Medusa Conversion

Well, here it is ....

Assembled Storm Raven