Friday, 2 September 2011


Hands-on: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 'Exterminatus'

Mutto Matto ... A contemplation from The Colonel and Another Project (Part 3)

I need your help, please, gentle readers.

If you look on the front of the MM, what do you see (clicky for biggy)?

There is a banner (sail?) at the top, and what I see, is a dragon head motif at the bottom, but what is all that in the middle?

Is it basically in one plane, or does it undulate, backwards and forwards, from the body of the ship?

Is it a 'small', sharp, prow/figurehead/rider, or as high as the body of the ship?
Any thoughts (or sketches !!!) much appreciated :)

Mutto Matto ... A contemplation from The Colonel and Another Project (Part 2)

The Moorglade Mover

"... so brightly to each tribe came release
higher dreams o'er took the smallest hands
crystallized inside a sleep
close your eyes
only wait for the call
close your eyes
the Moorglade she will sail to the north
all around will delight our eyes
now as one
we'll sound our lives to the sun
as we wait for the call
to ascend to the stars
all to enter your heart
to your love

My build is going to be a hybrid interpretation of The Moorglade Mover, inspired by Roger Dean's and David Fairbrother-Roe's imagery. I will email Mr F-R (or, more correctly, his nephew), to see if he can help me with any concept drawings of the details, side views etc; we will see how that goes, although I already have my own mental imagery :)

So, where can I find a biggish fish/dragon (preferably polystyrene) for the core of the build?

Off to a bits box ...

Dismantle, bits in bits box, stick it back together, job done.

Now, The Moorglade Mover begins to fly ...


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