Monday, 7 May 2012

The Doors

Sci-Fi: Medi-Droid

In Contrast

CONTRAST, Making your models POP!
How to Paint Blood Angels PT2

Hands Free Too

Freehand painting tips (part 2 of 2)

Popooree Refill

Tau Commander Shadowsun

Eden - Green Tonbo 2

Empire Nordland Helblaster volley gun

Corps anglais - 6mm

MMC 2009

Hobby Spotlight: Chris Lewis' Vect & Grey Knights

Eldrad finished, next project lined up

Najemny niziołek do Mordheim

Evesham Wargames Club gets a make over....

I need meds… And food… Or both.

Hypnotic Beat!

Persian Assassin (second version)

Lelith Hesperax

British Tank Company ( Early Desert )

Space Corridor Batch2

Saxon camp ...

Overcoming The Burn-out

15mm World War Two

Immortals Finished

Great Display

The Egg from Space

Carronade 2012

The Titan Manufactorum

Building in ruins

Finished bases for Cygnar jacks

Limited Armour

Lazy Picture Post

Teeny Tanks

RPG Manufacturing


TRAJES Y ARMAS (SIGLO XIV) (9º PARTE),de la Historia de España

Fog Me

WIP: Terrain Pieces for FoG
WIP: Terrain Pieces for FoG #2
WIP: Terrain Pieces of FoG #3

Nice Pads

warhammer 40000 rogue trader space marines space marine games workshop citadel miniatures

Lazy Picture Post


Tank Diary Day 2
Inspiration - Weathering Tanks

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Manu le Ferrailleur (1)

Bunker. Fácil, rápido, barato y dulce

Khorne berzerkers

Dark Age Games Dragyri Ice Caste Deaths Device

Big batch of Eldar Dire Avengers

Zenit Miniatures - Previews Nuevas figuras y nota sobre Kensei

Alambradas / Barbed wire

Vaettir Huntawalu *ShowCase No12*

Zulu Wars - "What about the soup sir?"



Yu-Jing support pack

Tir-na Bor, Forge Gaurdian

Archangel & Angels for LPL Round 9

Salamander Tactical Squad

Dark Age Skarrd miniatures... a small batch :-)


Salamander Drop Pod

Dreadclaw assault pod in attesa...

ORP "Batory": ucieczka do Szwecji, 1/2.10.1939

Hexon II Part Trois


Impetvs Ancients- Romans Part One!

Les Braves

Retro-Niden: Hormaganten

Brutal Giant Champion by Mr Dandy