Monday, 28 March 2011

30mm of Lovely

The Saint
The Build

Very nice Termies

Reinforcements: Sons of Medusa Terminators

Look nice to me

Knights Exemplar ready for action!

Stumpy-Nosed Tank

My Blood Angels army centre piece ~ Sanctimonia Cruor Fellblade

Some DW Unboxing

Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia Naval Battle Group Unbox
Federated States of America Naval Battle Group Unboxing
Dystopian Wars Prussian Empire Naval Battle Group Unboxing
Empire of the Blazing Sun Naval Battle Group Unboxing
Unboxing a Package from Spartan Games Dystopian Wars 

Outstanding LR

Black Templars Land Raider Crusader

Like where these are going

First and Only (Part III)

Just-In-Time Painting

Now that’s better…
Grey Knights Land Raider 

Not To Be Banned

Hi-Tech Miniatures Resin Banner Review