Thursday, 28 April 2011

20,000 ... Wow!!!

I saw it rising, rapidly, but it got there in a flash - too quickly for me to prepare anything!

I guess it is due, partly, to the SMA entries, that I am busy on (although folk are reading other content, mainly), and I dedicate those two projects, as my 20,000 contribution.

Thank you again, to all (120 'followers' too!) and let's keep this ball-a-rolling.

It's them again

Mk.5 Space Marine Armor

Even paints need that soft touch

Product Quicky - Battlefoam Pack 216 Paint case

Safety First!!!

warhammer 40k best tool to use

Jose and Angel have been wonderfully busy

Wurrzag Ork Shaman

Lovely white

3 Heavy Myrmidons ( Hydra, Manticore, Phoenix )

Cheap Air

Gaming on a Budget - Spending Money to Save Money: The Air Brush

He knew weather he should

AK Interactive USA

Very nice


Outstanding blast

Aurora spacemarine captain


Castellan Crowe Grey Knight

Sad, but nice, again

the dead space (space hulk)

It just never ends, this stuff

Singing the Praises of Insta Mold

Very Nice

Painting: Grey Knigts


What Quickshade to choose for my Tomb Kings Part 1: Soft Tone

Just being human

Thoughtful Thursdays - Hobby ADD

Damp and Steady

Dilution ratio and components for acrylic wet blending

Some worthy blasts

Appetizer for the upcoming weekend

Weathering and Battle Damage - Is it necessary? 

More great knights

It's a Khorney Knight and one of Tzeentch


Novedades Historic Art Miniatures
Wellcome to HistoricArt miniatures

Choose Your Juice

[Lo's Lowdown] Paint Comparison - GW vs Vallejo vs P3 vs Reaper Master Series

Weather he should or not?

Painting Vehicles – Part 2, Weathering a StormSword

Coming soon


Have a Flutter

Adam Troke: Confessions of a Hobby Butterfly

Sad, but lovely

Verneuil Vignettes

Banner Man

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 8

Sometimes ...

Chaos Lord completely rebuilt

Good to see you, guys

Recent projects and stuff

Wonderful tiny idea

Shindler's list 

Boba Fett Ground Assault Titan/LPDF Warhound Titan (Part 4)

Main core of weapon mounts, sponsored and provided by Hoth Radar Industries Inc. ...