Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Helmet Required - No Smoking

Blasted Planet Volcano at BAO.wmv
Blasted Planet – Smoke Effects at BAO!


Bane thralls: assembling

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Daemon Prince Complete

Female C'tan Finished

C'tan Shard of The Deceiver - Done

Marax the Fallen: Birth of a Chaos Dread, pt.2

Vasa KV72 Starfire

Prétorien 40K.

Babska bójka

Phil Kelly's Hive Fleet
Phil Kelly's Tyranids - Apocalypse
The Rorschach test

40k Birthday Present

Lightning Claws armed Terminator for the Salamanders

Krieg headquarter

Wood Elves army

Darth Dread

At long last time for another dwarf!


Hetzer - Befehlswagen 38(t) - Disc Camouflage

Painting Update

Finished ... all bar the painting

Vampire Counts unit filler

Stefan Rath aka 'derwish' Painting Class in Munich

Pułkownik RON

Praying Knight Complete...

More Zuzzygoodness

Terrain Attack!: Zuzzy Mat Despoiled Reaches

Blood And Guts




WIP Nurgle Daemon Prince and Finecast Review


Shadowsword Magnetisation WIP - Part 3

It's Only Hummen

Kun shoppailu vei taas miehen

Bits O' Darth And T'Others

Star Wars Identities Poster Art

Dun Jun

Dungeon walls! Print, cut and glue walls for your rpg's



CMON Lovelies

Dirtz army Part I

Little Thunder

How to paint Fenrisian Wolves? Warhammer 40k Space Wolves | Buypainted


Hypnos | Retribution of Scyrah | Privateer Press | RHQ-TV Episode 97


Unbagging FW Contemptor Dreadnought and weapons


Unbagging ForgeWorld Mk5 'Heresy' Assault Marines


TerranScapes - Secret Weapons Razor Wire Review - brass etch 40k

Bridges Not Near Enough

TerranScapes - Finished Bridges

Arvis My Rear

Forge World: Imperial Navy: Arvis Lighter: Part Two
Forge World: Imperial Navy: Arvis Lighter: Part One
Taking a look at the Forge World Arvus Lighter

Far From Board

Studio update: Fantasy landscape board commission
Studio update: High Elves display board-Spartan theme
Studio update: Chaos wasteland board commission

HandFul Of Rollicks

Rollicking Rockets... it's a Rocket Turret from Quantum Gothic

A Gesture

Infinity Tokens and Templates

Romain Has A Wash

Romain tests out Secret Weapon Washes