Saturday, 4 August 2012


How-to Thursday: Converting Cinerators into Bastions, Conclusion
How-to Tuesday: Convert Cinerators into Bastions, Continued
How-to Tuesday: Convert Cinerators into Bastions

Fences Then ;)

How-to Tuesday: Simple Linear Obstacles (for NOVA Open)


Magnetising self-help

Wing And A Fur ...

How to Sculpt Bird Wings
How to sculpt fur


Knights of the Realm - WIP - Delving into the mind of madness
Magnetising self-help


3D cardboard luxury arena

RP No 81 King James' Foot Guards 1689

Assorted Media Figures 01

Menoth and FW Eldar Tanks

Gun Emplacement Mk.II 8 & Scatter Terrain 10

Battle at the Bridge a BLB2 batrep
Beneath The Lily Banners War of the Grand Alliance Game Pictures...

Wóz z amunicją

Podwójne zaskoczenie

The Coast Line RR - Diorama of the Day

Wamp Hasslefree Competition

GrandManner arena

A Chaos Dwarf Bonanza! (Now With All The Lore Cards)

Friday post!

Commission: Dark Eldar Raiders


on eBay Now: Painted Resin Urban Barricades (Left Curb)
On eBay Now: Painted Resin Urban Barricades (Right Curb)

Weekend paintin'

Slow-Grow: Opening Night

Spring 991 - The Battle of Dragon Downs

Golden Demon Spain 2012 official awards

Miniature holder

Games Day Review

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: More Kabuki!
CMON Shop Update: More Info on Confrontation Dwarf Golems!
Desperate Measures
Chaos spacemarine

Rusty Cygs

Painting Warmachine & Hordes: Cygnar Stormwall and Hairspray Weathering Technique


He Returns! (Building Review - AIRFIX - Hawker Hurricane Mk.I - 1:72 Scale)

Chi In His Hands

Airfix 1:76 Type 97 Medium Tank Chi Ha build

Hot Stuff

My hot wire cutter


047 - Painting the PHR Dropship - Dropzone Commander - Hawk Wargames


Command Rhino ~ Pre Heresy Luna Wolves army build ~ Part 58. AK Interactive, weathering simplified

Hobbing Ponderings

The Games Day 2012 11 Pins Massacre

Closer Look- Super Dungeon Explore painted up and some gameplay
Show and Tell- Infinity, Bull Centaurs and Cool Stuff

Name Ben's Eldar Craft World, Warhammer 40,000, Worthy Painting

Tyranids vs Grey Knights 6th Ed

Pt1: 6th Edition Roundtable Review: Movement & Shooting
Pt2: 6th Edition Roundtable Review: Look Out Sir!

WarbossTae Studio Update - 8:3:12
Igor and Friends ep. 1 - Saturday Morning Cartoons!
Warboss Vlog - Armchair Adventurer 

MiniWarGaming Is Hiring
1 Week Until Apocalypticon (500,000 point 40k game)

white dwarf wd392 august 2012 review
codex update for 40k chaos daemons and warhammer daemons of chaos

NEW 2012 Hot Toys 1/4 Batman Dark Knight Rises 1/6 The Bat, Cat Woman, Bane ACGHK2012