Monday, 19 March 2012


Anima Tactics: First Weekends progress

NNNNNNoooooooooo !!!

Sometimes there are very, very bad evenings...

Well, Here They Are

New GW paint chart

Popooree Refill

Dark Angels splinter chapter: first Tac Squad, Gallery #1
Dark Angels splinter chapter: color test and bases

Dragyri Trueborn miniatures

Imperial Guard Veteran Squad

A few more Enigma miniatures

Imperial Fists Terminators, gallery #2


 Cadwalader's Militia Brigade

 More Executioners Sternguard


Najewitz Modellbau has new Normandy-style houses

15mm French Indian War Test Game at Ray's.....

 Spartan Equipment Kit available now!

Planning a game

The Power Armour Character Challenge - The Results!


USE ME Terminus - Planetfall AAR

Cold Wars 2012 Report Part 2

Mariners Blight Deep Diver Dreadnought

Trafalgar Game Setup

Painted test cast

El Rescate - Guerra Moderna 1/72

Popooree (bumped for addage)


Reaper entre flic et porte manteaux

Confession d'un petit karakaje

LPL6 round 2


Return to Magnir's Crag
Byron's Wolves

Army Adeptus Mechanicus

Pumpkin Sorcerer
Patrick (extreme gore)

Leighton Buzzard

SU-76: 1/150 vs 1/144

Re-Arm with Brickarms: 54mm Plastic Army Men

Hunker in the Bunker II

SVAXII in Pictures and few words

 Dark Age: Banes and Junker complete

 Operation Paint Cavalry is under way

 Aren't you a little short for a Samurai?

 Painted oop space or warphead on ebay

 [BatRep] 1500 Blood Angels vs. Raven Guard

 Knights: Robot Cohorts completed

Just How He Likes It

Magnetizing the Contemptor: Fast and Dirty