Thursday, 16 February 2012

Uncommon Assault

Tutorial: Rev's Caestus Assault Ram

Wolves Of Notts

Releases for March. Thunderwolves and Tervigon

Vow Of Silence Broken - Inquisitor Dispatched

Former GW Employee Q&A


Pics of the Week: Reload

The Colonel's Thunderwolves (Part 8) - Basing and Bulking

Still busy on the beasties ...

A few stages of the core, base-building...

Finally got through one of them, to bulk up Fangir ... jeez, my junior hacksaw was glowing !!!

Brushing With Life

New Brushes from Rosemary & Co - part two
New Brushes from Rosemary & Co

Hussar !!!

Polish Winged Hussar boxed set review (BF&S)

Chocolate Too

Photographing Your Mini's - the Essentials


Cracking the Archidon and Overseer


Ika Squid – Review
Inari Scout Gyro – Review

Popooree Refill

Death Korps of Krieg Reinforcements

WIP 15mm Mechs

Awesome Warboss sighted on Waaagh

Terrain is everything - TREES!

V3: Soviet Strekovy & Heavy Assault VS German Sturmkompanie and Tiger Company

The Second Punic War Campaign Begins

40k Batrep: Dark Angels vs Iron Warriors 1500pts

Et Tu Brute!

The Song of Oswic: 454 A.D.

Freebooters Fate: Neue bemalte Miniaturen

Dystopian Wars: Tactica Demotisch
Dystopian Wars Platte auf der Tactica 2012

Wyrd Miniatures - New Malifaux Wave

 Break! Fantasy Flight Games - Dust Tactics Characters

Puppetswar - New Bike Preview

Merican Lancer Chassis Number 6 finished

Purifer Unit Updated

Goals - Terrain Crafting for 2012; new Terrain Layouts for 2012 GT / INPUT REQUESTED

WorldWorksGames releases A Feisty Double Header

JoeK Minis Re-Releases ‘zO’

Finger and Toe Releases Action Figure Set L.I.A.M.: Core Modules

Stronghold-Terrain Open For Buisness Again

Broken Egg Games New MDF and Tournament Display boards

Time Cast Models release 10mm Vietnam Brown Water Navy

Wachau 1813
And more Wachau

Empire Greatsword

Meet Joe - Discordian

Hive Fleet Behemoth Hive Guard and Gants!

Grinding to a halt

Halo: Micro Ops Series 1, McFarlane Products

ACP Games, Spacejacker

MicroPanzer Wargames Studio - Russian Heavy Combat Armor

Goblin Army for Rally Round the King

Necron techno dance party incoming

 Celt-Iberian Infantry

21 Panzer Beutes are done!