Friday, 28 October 2011

The Colonel's Fine Finecast Foray (Part 4) + Liquid GS + Vallejo PP + Squadron WP (teaser)

Part 3, here.

Findings to be reported, tomorrow.

Briefings at ...

> How To: Apply Filler (Squadron White Putty)
> FAQ 2: How do you sand down the filler?
> Squadron products green putty & white putty (avoid acetone on polystyrene and resin).


Got a little busy, today, should be on it Sunday.

Can Be A Little Brittle :)

Using Evergreen Styrene (Great For Scratch Building!!!!)


Salamander's Land Speeder

Too Good For Just a Roman Bump

Novedades HISTORICART MINIATURES: Batalla de Teutoburgo

Ends and Beginnings

Dzień Jedenasty - końcówki i początki
Day Eleven - ends and beginnings

Nice Enhancement

Knight of the Autumn Gate

Lots Of Lovely Bits

77mm Field Gun Position and Trench paraphernalia

Steaming Batteries

REVIEW - Victorian Laser Guns from Victoria Miniatures

That Is :)

GD 2011 Squad Gold, what is good painting?

Life Is One

On the beach


One year achievements

Terrible Terrain

Six Days of Horror! Day 2 - Haunted Hellscapes From Table Top Terraformers!

Want Leaf?

How to make cheap scale leafs for your diorama

Want Wood?

Effetto Legno

That's Not A Sword

Fantasy Art: Dark Angel
2D Art: Red Riding Hood
Wallpaper: Ultimate Fighter

Light On His Feet

WIP Truescale Dakka / Psybolt Dreadnought


Friday Showcase - Warpwolf

More Piggies

Basecrafts New Items

What About Minis !!!???

Kim Keever
Kim Keever
landscapes by kim keever
Kim Keever at KINZ TILLOU + FEIGEN (video)


The Crazed Pumpkin Art of Ray Villafane
How-To: Carve astounding art-pumpkins

Pretend To Kill With Style

Top 10: Prop Weapons


The Astronomican - a Warhammer 40k blog

Anny Get Your Base

Modeling/Basing: Annyssa Ryvaall WIP (2)
Modeling: Annyssa Ryvaall WIP (1)


Tendes romanes

Rot Before It's Done?

Nurgle Chaos Lord Conversion – Work in Progress

Like Fragrant Garlands Around One's Neck ;)

Blogging milestones, what are they?

CMON Beauties

Chaos Space Marines / Orc Champion
Imperial Fists Chaplain

Shockingly Good

Kurt Neumann - Firereach Shock Trooper

CMON and MV Classics

Female Paladin
Esmeralda, the White Witch
Elf Queen

Golden Demon Germany 2007: The Light Of Redemption - Sabotage At Valve 86!
Duchess Death - Crystal Brush Project, painted

Wolf In Progress

Raging Heroes - New Cyberwolf Preview