Sunday, 17 April 2011

Some Friendly Plastic/Oyumaru/InstantMold WIP (Part 7)

From Part 6 ...

Mmmmm - fail.

Getting there (original object skull on the left) ...

So, what did we learn today ? ....

(1) Pre-warming and re-warming (see The Cow) assists in product quality,
(2) It is fine to make the mould thicker, if you do not mind paring it down (carefully), thin enough to allow it to flex,
(3) I require more FP, to fill the mould tray, before I need to do any more experiments (next spending cycle).

Addendum (21/8/12)

I moved over to RTV Silicone/Resin, after these experiments.

I will be returning to Oyumaru/InstantMold (based on later reports), but, Friendly Plastic is just too stiff, even though it is somewhat cheaper - it is just not worth the extra effort.

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