Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easier Owwwooo

Dire Wolf - Vampire Counts - Painting For Us Mere Mortals - Warhammer Fantasy Painting Tutorial


paint scratches *salt technique*


Battle Foam | Trollblood Trays | RHQ-TV Episode 102

Here They Are

REVIEW - NEW Games Workshop Paint Range review by Nuke Arts

BoW Kitfest

15mm Late War Germans from Wargames Factory
Vanguard... the "go-to" Mercenary Jack?
Here's a look at the Vassal of Menoth
Mercenaries High Shield Gun Corps
Wings of Glory Takes Flight with a New WW2 edition
Koldun Kommander Zerkova


Freak Flex Transparent Tint Airbrush Colours


Review: Tabletop-Art Bits
Review: PK-Pro Bases
Review: Tactical Terrains-Ruine A

Sonny Boy

How to paint Sons of Medusa Space Marine by Lester Bursley


Unbagging ForgeWorld Death Guard Marine conversion parts
Unbagging ForgeWorld Death Guard Terminator conversion parts

All Doomed

Skaven Doomwheel How to Paint