Sunday, 9 October 2011

Could Be Yours

Celtic or Dark Age layout for Sale

Another Blast

Treasure Chest #2: about Thrugg Bullneck and Badyear tires

Pre Blast

Before it was Cool: Pre-Heresy Conversions & Tutorial


Les justiciers, Cité des voleurs


The Swordfish

Dirty, Dirty

AK Interactive Streaking Grime and Filters


Deathwing Terminator Conversion and Forgeworld Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought

Very Nice

Double the fun...

Cough Please

Doc. H Innahouse!

Casting Ponderings

Quiet Before The Storm...


Model News - An example of extreme skill

Chips With That?

Hobby Basics- Chipped Paint, the Bare Metal Effect

Very Nice

Norman Commanders and Casualties

Never Board

New range from Battleboards

Dublinification 2011

Warmachine/Hordes Tournament Report (Dublin; 8th October 2011)


How To Cast Resin Tutorial Part 1 What Materials You Will Need

His Pad

Review - Amera Plastics Landing Pad & Craters

I Am A Fanboy - but, this is, exactly, what I dislike about GW one-offs

Dreadfleet Review 2 – More Ships, More Battles


Naughty, naughty...
Apa's Atelier


blackbox revelation nurgle lord

Two Nice CMONs


Empire Nuln Ironside Castellan-Engineer Jubal Falk

Our Nurgle House

Chaos Nurgle Sorcerer House on the Giant Toad

Fellow Skeletonoider


Very nice

Imperial Guard Vehicles (FoPVP)

Not Heretical

PRE HERESY MK6 space marines + land raider.mp4

Do Not Miss The Dread

Studio Update - Converted Dreadnought, Dark Elves, Grey Knights, and Starter Armies

Banner Man

Pre Heresy: Imperial Fist: Sergeant: Part One

Tis Easier

KR Multicase Website Review


TRUMPETER 1/72 Sherman M4A3E8 (T66 Track) - A Building Review

All May Be Fixed

Hobby Tips - Episode 2 Revisited - Gun Barrel Damage


Dark Eldar Razorwing Jet Fighter # 3 ~ Flicker field madness with custom flying base


American Pride and Passion

Blinking 'Eck

Scratchbuilt: USS Enterprise CVN-65
USS Enterprise CVN-65 by Gabriel Suranyi

I Have Seen The Present

MAKE’s Exclusive Interview with Bre Pettis of MakerBot: Life, $10M in Funding, and Beyond
An Interview With Bre Pettis, Founder of MakerBot Industries
Make: Live 9/28/11 — 3D Modeling & Printing (video)
How to use Shipwright to Generate your own fleet of spaceships to be 3D printed by Shapeways