Sunday, 10 June 2012

CMON Lovelies

Samekh Rebot
Ultramarines Dreadnought
Demon, Hunter - Gold at Hussar 2011
Myrmidon Officer in true metal latex catsuit


Sedition Wars at $170k! Roll on the extras!

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Armies of Adepticon


Lock and Load 2012 photo dump…

WIP: 30YW Foot, The Blue Regiments #5

Genestealer First Generation Hybrid Conversion

citadel miniatures rhino games workshop white dwarf warhammer 40000 rogue trader space marines
citadel miniatures games workshop rogue trader warhammer 40000
white dwarf games workshop citadel miniatures 40k rogue trader space marines

FOW BP44 German Armoured Train
FOW Operation Sealion part 2 "The Train"
Operation Sealion Battle of Skegness beach FOW

Koralon - Urban War Strike Team

Inquisitor Coteaz

Special Operations: Headhunter - Urban war Tournament

Game Convention: Just the Pretty Pictures

Zombiesmith Booth at Kubla Con 2012

Eldar The Hand of Asur

Quar: Songs of Our Ancestors: Test Game

Blood Bowl in the Street: A 1 Day Tournament Report

NICON 2012: Team Hordes

Wracam jak bumerang! / Coming back as boomerang!

Gaming again...

Thursday Night Trafalgar Game

Who’s Got The Map? Malifaux Tournament photo gallery
Malifaux at Carronade 2012
Malifaux at Conpulsion 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: Clan Wolf Beta Galaxy "Kit Fox" B

Super Mega Team Battle Go!

Third Reich Stubble Hoppers in 1/72

(6/3/12) Death Korps 9-24th "Breach This!"

She, who shall be named (competition!)

Elder Thing Disruptor Weapon

FIGZ 2012

WIP: Numidian Cavalry - 30mm Flats

Last of the Mohicans


Mini Exchange: Isabella von Carstein, part III

Carry on Pirate

Dystopian Wars - Southcon 2012

Finished Nids

The Terminal Station! Interior Details!

The N Scale Building Group
The N Scale Building Group

Plasma Webway Portals

Red Box Games Aenglish

Mis Lobos Espaciales, 4º Miniatura.

Dust Warfare: The First Fight

Black Powder Franco-Prussian War demo game

Thunder Wolf Cavalry Voting

Gothic Architecture II - Leftovers

Why no 20mm stuff lately?


Throne of Skulls, April 2012

Smartphone Post: Infinity Hu-Song Remote or as they say on the streets, a total reaction bot

We've Complained About The Missions, But...