Monday, 3 October 2011

Landing Pad (Part 3)

We are on-the-way ...

Landing Pad Project (modding the LED sequencer)
PIC Tutorials - An LED Sequencer

Need more pennies, must stop eating, for a while ;)

Out with the trusty breadboard ...

Now, where are those trannies !!!???

Looking Good

Brotherhood Update: Painting Scouts

Hehe, Nice ... I have a few of these ;)

In honour of Change

It Begins

Chaos Titan Diorama / Leviathan Mortis

Tankety Tanks

WWII German 1/72 force part 6

Eh ... Jeff's?

NEWS: Privateer Licences Lifesized Weapons

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit ...

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 9/23/2011 – 9/29/2011


28mm Front rank Napoleonic French done


Anima Tactics: Neuerscheinungen und Kaiserreich-Box

They Got There

Paint The Target: Sep Results, Oct Challenge


Hardwood Bases


Carry On Camping - A 28mm Terrain Article

Soon Be Red

How To Make Ork Rokkit Buggies From Deffkoptas (Tutorial)

How To Make Ork Rokkit Buggies From Deffkoptas Tutorial (Part 2)

Busy Birthday Boy

A year ago today

>A step-by-step photographic guide to making Woodland Scenic’s pine trees,
>Gun Pits!
>Applying static grass using ‘puffing Billy’,
>A simple guide to making 15mm bunkers 1/2,
>A simple guide to making bunkers 2/2,
>Restoring 3 Tiger Is,
>T34/85 obr. 1943 & Brigada Komissar Dedov,
>Painting 15mm Model Buildings,
>Late War T34/76 obr. 1943, and the inaugural
>A beginner’s guide to painting 15mm WWII figures parts 1, 2, and 3.


Blood Angel Librarian DONE


Más eldars!

Bloody Thatcher

Thatched Roof Hut Tutorial (Alternate Method)
(Relatively) Easy Thatched Roof Huts

Sed They Were Nice

Sedition Wars – First Look Review

A Nasty Change

Transportation of Corpses... and Open contests...

Positive Ponderings

Vaikkapa 29 tapaa pysyä luovana...


only War ... or so... 

Selection of Nice CMONs

Ogre Kingdoms Firebelly on Lava Base
Imperial Tax Collector
Talos Pain Engine
skaven warlord #2
Black Templars Terminator Squad
Nurgle Standard Bearr

Pin The Walls

Brakiri cruiser: Pins for everyone!

Light The Falcon

FalconGroupBuild: 1/3 Overview
FalconGroupBuild: 2/3 The To Do List.
FalconGroupBuild: 3/3 Engines!

Never Forget The White

squadron products green putty & white putty

Super Duper

On the Bench: Kaldor Draigo


Titan-forge release their first conversion packs