Saturday, 25 February 2012

Shhhhyysssthhe !!!

New Artwork from the Black Library

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Ultramarines Captain

Knappe Kiste

Corporation: Army Set

(Gnome Wars) The Michael Lung Gallery #9

Baardzo orky Stomp

Zaat Zaat BOOM

More elli and the camp

Lots of Catching Up To Do

Battle for the bridges


Poles vs German infantry v.3 EW tournament AAR

The Tale of the Knights of Ebon Scar - PART FOUR


New Releases From The Scene

Warlord Games - New Ancient Greeks

Perry Miniatures - Command Sprues and Pontoon Bridge

Defiance Games - Bug Miniature Preview

Warlord Games - Sd. Kfz. 251 "StuKa zu Fuss"

40mm de Ligne 1st Battalion

Soviet 152mm Howitzer

Merican Lancers Baneblade Complete

Dark Age DBA Kick Off

A New LTL City

Hammer Time (part 3)

Autoblinda AB 43

 Special Weapons Dalek scratchbuilt Targetting Drone - all finished

Malifaux: Death Marshal 3

Mantis miniaturas. Sleeping dogs.

Solar, So Good

Solar Empire Marines, Scale Shots


Review: RDG Tools 3 in 1 Airbrush Cleaning Pot

Dead Zone - See What I Did? (bumped for addage)

"Zone Mortalis" 40K Expansion from Forgeworld revealed
Forgeworld "Zone Mortalis" PHOTOS!
Forge World Zone Mortalis Pictures and Alternative Products

Forge World's Zone Mortalis

Zone Mortalis or bringing Space Hulk into 40k

Oh Dear

Finecast Review


Wallpaper: Dragonwitch
Character Design: Passiflore marri troll
2D Art: Travel to the Parallel Universe
Fantasy: Angel

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: Dark Age = Ice Age?

Gargoyle of Acheron

 Ymir the White, Lord of StoneGate

 Deathwing Terminator Standard Bearer


Butcher's Cauldron - Mournfang Calvary Painting Tutorial

When Patience Is Not A Virtue

Its magic

Simple But Effective

Making the GW 40k Counter Set Useable

Make A Mark

Review: Privateer Press Objective Markers

Forged In Resin

Review: Dragon Forge Design Resin Bases