Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lovely, Little, Ships

HMS Phoebe (36)
My First Langton Ship!

Le Superbe

Scipion and Hortense

Trees Useful

Making Trees for 15mm Wargaming


A little background on my Diorama skills and A Dio Update

Great place to be

Painting class review - Hannover, Germany

Novafication 2011

Update From The Nova Open Photo's and News
Checking in at the Nova Open

Exemplum: NOVA Open 2011 Team Tournament

Gramps107's photostream (album still seems to be there)

NoVa Open Part 1

NoVa Open Part 2

Black Matt Wins the NOVA OPEN

Interview With Gav Thorpe at Nova Open 2011

The NOVA Open

NOVA Open Report - Thursday through Saturday

NoVA Blow-by-Blow

NOVA: The Tables

NOVA: Recap (part 1)

NOVA Open Warhammer 40k GT Results! Appearance Mid-Awards Delay Explanation

More Armies Of The Nova Open 2011

NOVA: Recap (pretty pictures)

Pictures from the Nova Open Part 1

Photographs and Surveys

Good Gravy!


Titanic Blast

Warhound Titan


The Brotherhood: RTB1 Missile Launcher Squad