Sunday, 1 January 2012

Making Bigger Bases

I have decided to create custom, 'rocky', bases, for each of my Thunderwolves ...

I only needed to add to my, already-cut, textured bases. The texture is unlikely to be seen, in this project, due to the addition of rock formations and other groundwork, but I do not like wasting time and effort ;)

So, here is a tutorial, for one type of base, I like to make.

A Quick Review of '60 mm'

GW state (for gaming purposes), that 60 mm diameter bases should be used, for certain models. There still appears to be some dispute whether Thunderwolves should be on 'cavalry' or 60mm bases, but, most have opted for the latter, due to the Canis precedent. GW also has a number of 60 mm bases ...

(1) The bevelled 'Dreadnought', scenic, type (64/61 mm),
(2) The bevelled 'Heavy Weapons' type (64/60 mm),
(3) The older, thinner, 'Heavy Weapons' type (not available).

Mine will be 60 mm, initially, and slightly-bevelled, then nearer to 64 mm, at the base, due to groundwork.

The Build

I have already introduced my fondness, for orange crate timber (OCT), in the Building A Big Tank project ...

Available for free, from local markets, there are a number of types, but this is three-ply, wooden board, as show, here ..

At 3 mm thickness, it is free, strong and light, but may still be easily-cut, shaped and sanded with cheap and cheerful hand tools (power tools are fine, too) ...

So, here we have the textured, 60 mm circles, glued onto the timber (neat PVA and 'pressed') ...

Now, the stages of clipping, shaping and rough sanding ...

I now have thirteen, in hand.

Cork 'rocks', filling and strengthening, next.


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