Sunday, 2 October 2011

Green Gloopity Gloop Stuff

Dreadfleet & liquid green

Two Ships

Dave Porter's Millenium Falcon

Queen Mary II Re Post

Stolen Spider

Looted Arachnarok (Completed)

Dark Age

Grey Knights Festival


Traitor of Mankind


Dual Use Plagueclaw Catapult/ Warplightning Cannon Conversion Guide


Desktop update: summer's still here

Guess Who?


Off It

Wagon Boy

Gaining Their Heads

Project Plastic
Project Plastic +1
Project Plastic + 2

Lovely Chaps

Les durs en cuir

The Force is Certainly With Them

Steampunk Star Wars

Damp Horses (and men)

Army Painter Quick Shade
Army Painter Quick Shade 2 – Infantry

Basing for All

A Newbie Guide: Resin Bases


The ballad of a Midnight Painter

Little Blast

Warmaster Castle

His House

Dave Graffam Models announce pre-cut prints


German breakthrough the Polish lines [FoW]

Converting Ponderings

HOBBY: 40K Without Spending 40K -- Finding Your Inner Haemonculi

Armies on Parade - Borrowed

Armies on Parade- Daily Gallery

Ride a Hobby Crib


Folkstonification 2011 (bumped for great pieces and pics)

Euro Militaire 2011

Euro Militaire Folkestone 2011 link collection

>Euromilitaire as it happens (from planetfigure)
>Event coverage on legio pictorum
>Best of show, images etc.


Back in action

Do Tanks Much?

Eldar vs. The Imperium Battle Report - Part II
130,000 pt Eldar vs. The Imperium Battle Report

Look great from here

Vanguard Veterans finished

Very Nice

Mountain Cliffs

Very Nice

Captain Stern

I like it On The Table

On the Table 01 Oct 2011

Don't Forget The White

Product Review: Green Putty


How to paint - Girl Painting Comp

May not look like much, but she's got it where it counts

Millennium Falcon: Kit review