Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bearing Up

Dark Vengeance How to Paint Word Bearers Cultist Part 1 of 2
Dark Vengeance How to Paint Word Bearers Cultist Part 2 of 2

Cheap Knight

grey knight army on a budget episode 1, paladins
building a grey knight army on a budget episode 2: kaldor draigo

Looks Fishy

15mm Blackhawk Build

On Your Bike

Kit review: Zvezda BMW R12 with side car in 1/35 scale

On The Tiles

Make 3D Dungeon Terrain Tiles

Go On ...

Ask the Mini WarPainter

Rules Is Rules

Warhammer 40k 6th Edition FAQ Is Out

Sang A Song

Sternguard kit bash + Brother Corbulo completed

Get Crawling

All my Dungeon Accessories and Hirst Arts for sale! PM me

Dark Vicar

Dark Vengeance Limited Edition Chaplain Painting Tutorial


Javis countryside scenics cork boulders review

Model Answers

RTD - Season 4 Episode 6 Part 2- The Model
RTD - Season 4 Episode 6 Part 1- The Model


Hobby Army Theme Part 2
Hobby Army planning, execution

Zombicidal (bumped for addage)

Zombicide Gameplay - Mission 02

Zombicide Gameplay PT2 - Scenario 00 Tutorial Continued
Zombicide Gameplay - Scenario 00 Tutorial Part 1

Zombicide package has arrived 


TerranScapes - Noch Tree Forests - LOTR Terrain


Bench Talk: COLORS

Iberian Man

Warfare in Scale: Ancient Iberian Warrior by José Altamirano


ThunderRaven Part 4
ThunderRaven Part 3
ThunderRaven Part 2


What's in the box?!? The Britanan Starter for Relics


Mini Review/Unboxing War of the Roses Infantry


What's in the box: Ole unboxes a Dwarf grudge thrower

Relicking (bumped for addage)

Relic Knights Week - Day 5
Relic Knights Week - Day 4
Relic Knights Week - Day 3
Relic Knights Week Day 2 - The GAME!!!
Relic Knights Week - The Interview


Harder and Steenbeck Factory *where the magic happens*


Gundam/ mech model workshop 68: paint clips and parts mounting for gunpla

Dark Case

a look at the figure case for dark vengeance

Dark Girl

How to paint Dark Vengeance Episode 1


How to paint Deathwing Terminators? Warhammer 40k Dark Angels | Dark Vengeance