Sunday, 11 March 2012

What Are You Doing To Me ??? !!!

For the Fun of it! Top Chef (WIP)


What does your desk look like?
AwesomePaintJob CHAT: Desk Setup

Well, Of Course

How to Paint Zombie Grey Knights

Popooree Refill

Jeszcze więcej landsknechtów/ Even more landsknechts

 Suwa siege

Apocalypse Reinforcements – Ork Shadowskull Super Heavy

Inquisitor Coteaz

Jomsvikings SAGA

The "Cat from Hell" work: Eduard 1/72.

SAGA extras, baggage train and fatigue markers


 Brigade Games Gnomes

 Concrete and Rebar (A Competition Piece Update)

Turkoman Horse Archers

From Concept to Reality, 3 FTW member posts

Allan Carrasco sRhino.

Welcome to my Jungle

Bedford's Battle Stand One

Fantasy by GASLIGHT....

Popooree (bumped for addage)


Vampire Counts Battle Report and Review

Redhats 2 - Northstar miniatures

Quakerush Invasion

Praetorian and lava bases test

Geländebau Projekt - "Ol'Rowdy´s Inn"

Tireuse d'elite 1/35°

II Concurso Modelismo Ciudad de Leganes- Parte II
II Concurso Modelismo Ciudad de Leganes- Parte I

Mayor Dreadful 54 mm

Hoofing Yomper!

Urien Rakarth

Living by the Sword

Łowcy z Ostlandu - zdjęcie rodzinne

French Napoleonic Hussars Part 2 (Perry Plastic 28mm)

 WIP: Emperors Children Sonic Dread...color blocked

Sunday and a few decal woes...

Necron Immortal Test Scheme

SYW Allies army pics

Wolsung – A Review

I have been to ... Skirmish in Sidcup

FOW Italian Firepower

More Skyclaws!

IED Contact

Going To See It Next Week (Touch Wood) - Biggish Event For Me !!!

John Carter and the Princess of Mars

Kislev Hardly

Ishoo Forty-Ate: Kislev Watch Tower

Dragon Forge Power Cables 6 Month Review

Dragon Forge Power Cables 6 Month Review


The Astronomican - a Warhammer 40k blog