Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hue and I

How to highlight with a different hue

Strip a Reaver

Project Reaver: Paint Stripping Resin

Resorting to filler

Competitive blogging??


Desarrollo de una viñeta en 28 mm


Paymaster Games comparison photo

Home Sweet Home

New terrain and bases from Micro Art


Unboxing the Vapirecounts Cairn Wraith

G Gets Free Again



A New Lair (phase 1)

Vancouverification 2011

Astronomi-con Vancouver 2011 - mini post

Now that's RT

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Land Raider and Rhino Complete, Predator Pics in Progress

Nice army WIP

The Sky Warriors of Fenris Collection

More great art reborn by F

Pics of the Week

Dis is how you Play

HoP Idol: Display Boards 101

Familiar, little, devils

Reaper Miniatures - New Dark Heaven Miniatures

Stompingly good

Micropanzer Wargames Studio - New 15mm Amakudari Stomper Walker and Aliens Preview


Chicago Masterclass

Sunny disposition

40k Hobby- Bringing Chaos Back & Painting Yellow!

Like little, real, men


Feuer! Part II

Blastingly nice

Poszukiwacze przygód 2 / Fantasy Adventurers 2


Cheap Rubble Bases

Not so Private

Pax Prime : Privateer Press

Great work

It came from 4chan: Interview with Fabricator General Scriptarius!

Rotten to the core

Reprise: Lead Rot, Myth or Reality

Well, if time and energy permits :)

The Shellcase Forums

Cracking bases

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