Monday, 24 October 2011

Roming the Streets (bump for Rome)

Strelets Roman cavalry on the march

All Roads Lead to...

Archers!!...Fire at poor Will .... More Romans

Centurionum Vol. VIII: Pride & Progress

Equites Gallorum

Centurionum Vol. IX: A Turning Point

Warlord Roman Auxiliaries

Caesar's Legions

Late Era Romans

Spiffing Legion Command Stand

More Spiffing Romans

Rzymskie Miecze

Centurionum Addendum I: The Golden Gate

ART Miniaturen Roman Cavalry

George's Rule

ART Miniaturen Decurion and calo

Langton 1/1200th & Valiant 1/900th Ancient Ships - Ready for Battle


Not bloody Romans Again? (You said it !!!)

Romans out for a Walk in the rain

Manufacturer: Sculpted and painted by Neldoreth

Gladiator battle group

Army on a palm. (Moscow 2011) Part 3

Coh. I et Coh. II Thingummyjigum

Banging the Drum for Rome

Allied Legion

Eureka Miniatures - 28mm Teddy Bear Romans

More Impetus Late Romans

Strelets Roman Transport 2

CP Models Miniatures - Marcus Aurelius Release


Roman Senior Centurion

Show Off the Good Stuff 2011

Warlord Praetorian Guard - One Unit Completed

Caesar and Vercingetorix 28mm

Légion Vandire - 20mm

Rumble by the Rhine

On the Workbench & Completed

Première de Hail Caesar

Warlord Praetorians - Second Unit Completed

On the other flank - the "tank-battle"

Per Mare, Per Terram

Wodzowie dla FoG-a

The Colonel's Fine Finecast Foray (Part 3) + Liquid GS + Vallejo PP

Part 2, here.

These acrylic-based media do not set 'hard', as do, for example, 2-part, epoxy-based, or solvent-based, materials (clicky for biggy) ...

These tests had been completed (cured for 24 hours), when the images were taken ...

Gloopy Test: Initial degree of flowing (viscosity), by observation.
Shrinky Test: Final degree of shrinking, once cured, by observation.
Sticky Test: Attempt to peel the cured layer, from the surface, with finger nail.
Bendy Test: 90 degree bend and wiggle, of the cured layer, and surface.
Pointy Test: Poke the cured layer with a sharp instrument.
Sandy Test: Sand the cured layer with 1200 grit paper.
Chewy Test: Press between human incisors (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME !!!).
Crumbly Test: Roll a portion of the peeled, cured, layer between the fingers, until the structure fails ('powders').

Well, this one was easy. The VPP is well over a year old, so that must be taken into account (in terms of initial consistency etc). For all intents and purposes, the only fundamental, physical, difference, was the colour (which some may find useful).

Any questions etc, feel free, below.

Working now on cleaning the Finecast piece.

Lovely Rocks On

Dreadfleet Painting: Scenery

Hoorah !!! I Loves 'Em, I Does

Old Target games stock to the store - first up for Warzone