Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Chilling Wargamers #7 with The WarhammerLady and JDragon
Chilling Wargamers #6
Chilling Wargamers #5 with MWG Matt!
Chilling Wargamers #4 Commission Painting
Chilling Wargamers #3 - Greenstuff Special!
Chilling Wargamers #2 - Blog special!

Chilling Wargamers #1

Wash Your Zenithals

Zenithal highlighting tutorial


Studio Update 2/25/2013

Mallie Foes

Malifaux Ramos and Marcus Unboxing




Unboxing- Ork Lootas & Burnas (With Rules & Construction Advice)

No Way

Tutorial: Pegaso Models Iberian Warrior by José Altamirano | Warfare in Scale

Do An Impression

Painting Crusade X (2013) impressions HD


Unboxing: Awesome Alternative Demon Prince

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Irregular rock pillars for your D&D tiles (The DM's Craft, EP 50)

They Are Legion

Unboxing Legion MKIV Power Weapons Set

Cheers !!!

Unboxing Iwata AirBrush Station & Mini Drink Mixer

Wake Up Sue

DIY: Turntable for sculpting (Lazy Susan) + FAIL lol!!
DIY: How to make clay sculpting tools (clean-out tools)

Miller Windiness (bumped for done)

Flames of War - Completed Completed Windmill
Flames of War - Trumpton Windmill
Flames of War - Windmill Build Completed
Flames of War - Windmill Build PT 5
Flames of War - Windmill Build PT 4
Flames of War - Windmill Build PT 3
Flames of War - Windmill Build PT 2
Flames of War - Windmill Build PT1
Flames of War - A quick Unboxing
Flames of War - Gift From TerrainProject 

Bearing Up

Painting Plaugebearers of Nurgle Airbrushing Tutorial Part II
Painting Plaugebearers of Nurgle Airbrushing Tutorial

Look Up There

Death from The Skies Review Warhammer 40k
Daemon Pictures and Rules March 2013 White Dwarf Review

For Them

Terrain Showcase: Tau Terrain Set
Terrain Showcase: Landraider Wreck Warhammer 40k 

Saturday, 23 February 2013


WGC Hanging Out 
WGC Producer Hang Out Part 2
WGC FB Group Welcome
xTreme Shout Out - OasisRising
Introducing Division G


JagdTiger Magnetic Barrel

Take Your Fibre (bumped for addage)


Chain Ganged

Hows to Greenstuff Chains

Hungry Tank (bumped for addage)

Lets Paint A: World Eater Fell Blade. Part Three
Lets Paint A: World Eater Fell Blade. Part Two
Lets Paint A: World Eater Fell Blade. Part One

Beli Laugh

AGP Unboxed: Dark Angels Belial

Friday, 22 February 2013

Gren And Bear It

Review of 28mm panzer grenadier box set from warlord games

Tiger Bolted

Show me your Tiger(tank),review of bolt action tiger royal resin 28mm model from warlord games

Some Princely (bumped for addage)

Nurgle daemon prince update number 4
daemon prince update 3
nurgle daemon prince update 2
Nurgle daemon prince update the chopping begins
My nurgle daemon prince needs you
nurgle daemon prince update 2 -the wings
nurgle daemon prince conversion part 1

The Force Was Absent

Rare Star Wars Toys That Never Made it to Stores

Stop Rattling

Magnetizing Miniatures for Storage


CLINIC: Airbrushing Future Clear (Part 1)
CLINIC: Airbrushing Future Clear (Part 2)

Krome Sweet Krome

Badger KROME Disassembly & Assembly by Lester Bursley
WGConsortium Live Show Recap

Must Fly

ACADEMY MINICRAFT 1/72 P-51 D Mustang - A Building Review

Inbox Review - ITALERI - Spitfire F. Mk.VII - 1:72 Scale
Inbox Review - REVELL - Dornier Do 17 Z-2 - 1:72 Scale
Building Review - AIRFIX - D.H. Tiger Moth - 1:72 Scale
Building Review - MINICRAFT - Piper Super Cub PA-18 - 1:48 Scale - Part 1

Win A Man's Home

TerranScapes - Castle Giveaway


TerranScapes - Composimold Revisited - mold making
How to Avoid Bubbles in Your Mold


BoLS Review - Izamu the Armor, Guild Riflemen | Malifaux

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bolt Action

CLINIC: Hex Bolts for Re-inforced

Made From Girders

An over view of how to do girders for 40k

Lasercuttery Action

Hobby Update - 6mm buildings
Hobby Update - Elevated Walkways
Hobby Update-Street Dressing and BMW Building
Desktop Lanterns

Nice Rack (bumped for addage)

Catachan Jungle Fighter Paint Rack
Ork Evil Sunz' Badger Minitaire Paint Rack
Orky Evil Sunz Themed Paint Rank & Ready to do some casting
DIY Hobby Paint Rack Part 4 Chipping, Oil Wash, Varnish and Loaded Up With Paint
DIY HobbyPaint Rack Part 3 "Space Hulk" Style
DYI Build a Hobby Paint Rack Part 2 
DYI Build a Hobby Paint Rack

Pure Enough?

Purity seal tutorial


Mini Warhammer 40K Papercraft Terminators - by Jim Bowen
Papercraft Terminators 

Monday, 18 February 2013


FUNdamentals 02 - Holding Parts for Painting
FUNdamentals 01 - Storage Bin Solution


How to Magnetise a Necron Triarch Stalker
Triarch Stalker Hover Conversion Done


Unboxing Chaos Lord on foot
Chaos Lord Kitbash

Potentially Dark

Unboxing Dark Potential Starter Boxes


GirlPainting versus Terranscapes


GirlPainting Live Painting
How to paint a Chaos Warrior version 2