Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Grave Concerns

Craft open graves for your D&D game (The DM's Craft, EP32)

Late Tanks

Flames of War Easy Eight Tank Platoon Unboxed

Sticky Skulls

Freaky 3D Printed Skulls!

So Many Names, Only One Artist

Visual, plus captions, for now, from Genet Models ...

Tools and Materials

Proper Edging Technique

Gluing Techniques, Part I

Gluing Techniques, Part II

Keep up-to-date, with Chris, at the Video Shelf.

Not Quite Free

Vacuum Forming for Free

Savage Shells

Making Hard-Shell Molds with Adam Savage
Technique: Making a Hard-Shell Mold

Yum And Not

Mold-Making for Edible Creations

From 3D Drawing to Small Scale Production

Micro Helicopter Repair


Bellfounding Using the Lost Wax Casting Method

The Emperor Fabricates

Thorsson on MAKE Volume 32 Cover
First-Ever MAKE Editors’ Hangout Set for Today
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