Thursday, 31 January 2013


New Ultraforge Demon Prince w/ Wings Unboxing Resin Daemon

Fork Liants

Studio Update: Four Clients

On It (bumped for addage)



Flames of War Destroyed Markers

Boney Case

Bones Figure Case

X Marks The Spot

How to Paint a Dark Potential X'lanthos Commander Part 3/3
How to Paint a Dark Potential X'lanthos Commander Part 2/3
How to Paint a Dark Potential X'lanthos Commander Part 1/3

Seditive (bumped for addage)

Sedition Wars Kickstarter Unboxing

Sedition Wars Unboxing

Sediton Wars Part 3 Resin vr Plastic
Sedition Wars unboxing part 2
Sedition Wars Unboxing Part One

Sedition Wars Unboxing, Vid 223
Sedition Wars Miniatures Review, Vid 225
Sedition Wars Figures, Vid 226

Sediton Wars - The Vanguard Models
Sedition Wars - Strain Model & The Bases

What's in the Box: Sedition Wars (Board Game Unboxing)

miscellaneous: Sedition Wars... how it arrives in germany.avi

Battle Field Autopsy: Sedition Wars

You Better Believe It

Mini of the Week: Faeries Wear Boots

500 Smackers

Win $500 - MWG's Epic Video Contest
MiniWarGaming 2013 YouTube Video Contest

On the Case

KR Multicase - Card Cases Review

For The Greenstuff

Hobby tips 02: Mixing Greenstuff
Hobby tips 01: Getting rid of finger prints
Goings on

Fly Away

How to make a base Cities of Death for flyer? Warhammer 40k basing tutorial

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Light To Dark (bumped for addage)

Start to finish day 7 Dark angels tactical squad. painting complete, no base work yet
Start to finish days 5 and 6 Dark angels tactical squad. painting progression
Start to finish days 2 and 3 Dark angels tactical squad painting progression
Dark vengeance DA first Tactical squad, start to finish. (painting) part 1

Fill Your Resin Holes

Putty, Q-tips and Acetone


Unboxing The New Dark Potential Reclaimers Starter Set


Tower tiles, stairways and battlements for your D&D tiles (The DM's Craft, Short Tip, EP25)


Renedra Gravestones Unboxing

Boldly Gone


Entrenched (bumped for done)

Flames of War - Trench Lines Completed
Flames of War - Trench Lines P1


A quickish ;) guide to how i paint my SS camo
Waffen SS Bolt action minatures update 3


AGP Unboxed: 3rd Highlander Greys


Tips: stripping paint from plastic miniatures - solution comparison

Stripping paint in easy way. - IDIC Beer 1000 sub giveaway

Princely (bumped for addage)

Un-Bobo-xing Daemon Prince -Part 2
Un-Bobo-xing Daemon Prince


Pinning broken models

Fallen (bumped for addage and done)

TerranScapes - Waterfall and End Caps Revised
TerranScapes - Two Tier Waterfall Finished + end cap entrances
TerranScapes - Multi tiered waterfall - WIP - Terrain


052 - Review - Minitaire Paints from Badger Airbrush

Not Quite All Infinity, Yet

The World of Infinity: Aleph Faction Video
Infinity Unveil The Superb Sophotects And Wildcats for 2013



Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Pits

Super easy to make pits and holes for D&D encounters (The DM's Craft, Short Tip, EP 24)

Make A Mat

DIY Self-Healing Cutting Mat with Econ® 80 Urethane Rubber


11th Legion unboxing of Kromlech tank crew


How to paint Space Marines Astral Tigers? Warhammer 40k airbrush painting tutorial Buypainted


Brief update of things i intend to do and post on my channel

Scenic Route

New Products on Website
Studio Update: Monday!
Terrain Showcase: Menoth Display Board


AIRFIX / BILEK 1/72 Westland Whirlwind - A Double Building Review


Bolt Action :: Panzergrenadier!

On His Bike

My entry to phagosiths competition

What's The Crack?

TerranScapes - Large Mesa and Kroma Crackle dried mud effects

Not Black

Plastic Soldier Company Panther Tanks


Paint your Rivet!

Castaways (bumped for addage)

40mm Round Junkyard Cogs Bases - Showcase 
Junkyard Cogs Resin 25mm Round Bases - Showcase and How to Paint
Resin Casting Bases - How To - Demo 
Making a Silicone Mould - Start to Finish - Smooth On Mold Star 15 - How To - Demo

Resin Casting Tutorial: Cold Cast Bronze Hollow
Prop Making: Casting and painting a flexible foam head