Monday, 11 April 2011


D&D Classes: Sneak Peak at the final piece (WIP)

Knights In Progress

Too much sun...

He's been Abaddon boy, again

My Favourite Conversion So Far – Abaddon

Have your fill

Model Making: Modelling Fillers

Nothing to spit at

The Art of War: Winter Wars!

Teasing Anna

Teasing in the name of Tzeentch

Great army in progress

Plowing through it! Vindicator and LS Storm Pics.

Lovely Pieces

De Lage Landen Schilder Competitie 2011

So now we know

Adepticon: Rick Taylor

So, what's the verdict?

GW spray gun review
Spray Gun Demonstration

Some Friendly Plastic/Oyumaru/InstantMold WIP (Part 5)

Skulls and bits ...

So, what did we learn today? ...

(1) Excellent quality press-moulds,
(2) Keep them as thin as possible (avoiding distortion). Those source pieces with 'teeth' (literally, in some cases) were a b****r to get out, requiring pliers, to flex the FP (it is of similar toughness to Polymorph, at that thickness ... approx 1 cm) and a metal tool to 'flick' (understatement of the day) them out; those without 'teeth', flicked-out easily,
(3) The 'hot' FP does not adhere to the 'cold' FP,
(4) A little more practice and we will be ready for the two-parters.

ProCreate to follow.

Like Watching The Colonel's Paint Dry? (well, not a lot of paint, actually)

Come and watch and/or 'chat' at The Colonel's Workbench ... when I am awake or not 'at the keyboard' :)

I have put a direct feed, towards the bottom of this page. Please let me know if it slows you down or gets in the way. TinyChat/Blogger is really not ready for that, yet ;)

Some Friendly Plastic/Oyumaru/InstantMold WIP (Part 4)

What is under the FP today?

We will just have to see :)


How to Magnetize a Predator [part 1]
How to Magnetize a Predator [Part 2]

I cannot resist posting the richness of this piece

Polish Lancer
Isaac Jaramillo

Nice Candy Coat

Auction pictures

Nom Nom

Body eater-the chaos dreadnought

Magnets Not Welcome

Tutorial: Swappable weapons without using magnets - Tyranid Termagant edition

Leather Pleasure

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 7 

I have an interest in these, presently

Tomb Kings Progress

Sunny Portugal

Tutorial - Photo-Recorded: Part II - Preparation of the “plate”
Tutorial - Foto-Gravados: Parte II – Preparação da “chapa"

Tutorial - Photo Etched/Photo-Recorded: Part I - The Artwork
Tutorial - Photo Etched / Foto-Gravados: Parte I - O Artwork

270 not only green bottles ...

Vallejo Acrylic Paint Shelf

Vallejo, Reaper Acrylic Paint Shelf