Sunday, 4 September 2011

Do I have your attention?


Tres Bionique !!!

Du bionique!!!

Thank The Emperor, no mud ;)

Platoon Command Chimera DONE

Very nice

Custom DE Beastmasters (cold ones)

Of interest

The First Louisiana Special Battalion: Wheat's Tigers

Are you tenting?

Medieval Tent (How to)

Newarkification 2011

Partizan–Not for SciFi & Fantasy or is it?

Aspern-Essling at Partizan

Partizan II

Partizan Demo Game Pics

Other games at Partizan

Paint 'em Black

Reader Email: How To Paint Black?

Deathwing: Terminator Chaplain With GW Washes

Brushes out please

Mantic Games Painting Competition!

You Tube community project ~ Adeptus Astartes from The Colonel (Part 9)

Numquam Oblitus

Carefully thinning down the 'skins' on the pads, getting the bayonet (trying to make it more Katani, but not too much) to fit more snugly under the bolter barrel and the backpack top has been magnetised to fit any accoutrement.

I 'filed away' his painted auspex, in the move, but I am sure it will turn up (!).

The Colonel's Thunderwolves (Part 5)

The Colonel's Thunderwolves
All my textured bases may belong to me soon

Combining projects; it is all Win ...

OK, the plan, now, is to do the first five wolves in these basic poses, with body enhancements. The next five, will have more experiments on legs, twisted body, dropping head etc ... and number 11 will be Canis Wolfborn, himself.

Nice black

Exclusive! Micro Art Studio - Discworld Vetinari Preview

You don't see these everyday - Me Like

Tamiya’s ‘conspiracy’ sprues – JFK, Roswell and the Moon Landing

Shah Good

Wargames Factory Persians - First Review
WF Persian Review Addendum


TRU-Scale Conversion kit for Storm Raven Release

Had to happen :)

Twilight Emporium release 50mm LED flame counters

Need I say anything?

Work in Progress 6°: Mi faccio il mio Maniero – I make my Manor
Tutorial: Lascia un commento


Necrons Pyramid and/or Temple


Stunning Exact Replica of America's Primary Fighter plane (39 pics + text)
Young C Park

No Words

Stunning Exact Replica of America's Primary Fighter plane (39 pics + text)




How-To Make Sci Fi Crates