Friday, 24 February 2012


Dreamforge Games... shiney Strumtruppen infantry!

What Rant? !!! :)

Stumpy retraction!!! Finecast is fine
Finecast Ogre Butcher what needed repairing


Models already attached to base elements

What's Happening To Meeee.....Oooowwwoooo !!!

Wulfen Conversion Tutorial

Lordy !!!

Easy, Effective and Cheap: Necron Destroyer Lord Conversion!


Warmachine: The New Legion Plastic Heavy Warbeast

Metal Only

Tutorial: removing paint from a metal miniature with Acetone

Popooree Refill

Avatars of War - Lord of Apoc (War)

Brother Joseph's War Art - 15mm Murghaste War Crew Previews

Ramshackle Games - Armored Gnu APC

Special Operations Killzone: Explained –TEAM BUILDING

The Sky Warriors of Fenris - Wolf Guard

Image of pack OT3

Brass Scorpion with as much freehand as I could fit

For the Last 25 Years: There Has Been Only War

Mugu’s TempleCon Picture Extravaganza 1

Tau out for photography

Showcase: Ultramarine Terminator Librarian

40K Showcase: Tau Empire by Bigred

Space Wolves Display Board

2nd Airfix StuG IIIG

Panzer IV Ausf.H von Plastic Soldier

Dip/Single Highlight Welsh cavalry

Campaign Preparation Update

Conversions? Here!

Dowództwo janczarów

Here You Go

Empire Rumor Compilation


Instant Mold

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Urmuth - Scars of War

Chaos renegades sentinel

It’s Flickr Thursday – Warhammer

Some last minute reminiscing

Slow Grow Painting Progress

Novedades Zenit Miniatures

Getting ready for...

Chain Reaction 3 - AAR Operation Palliser Sierra Leone 2000

3A x KOJIMA MGS REX Onsale March 2nd...!!!

Black Wolf…

Son of Sangunius

Michael Kempler z Ostlandu


Final batch of Nordland Halberds

The Knight and the Three 'Bears'

Terrorizer Skinner

Old Minis

 White Dwarf March Pictures


GW LOTR Mordor Orcs set - unboxing