Thursday, 22 September 2011


HistoricArtMiniatures Boxarts (30mm)
The Sorcerer boxart V#2

No Words

HistoricArtMiniatures Boxarts (30mm)
The usurper boxart V#2

He's (?) Behind You

Alien Spore!

Portugalification 2011

Batalha dos corvos VII ( WFB displays, painting contest & sculpting workshop)

Well Hello There, Fornicatius Sent Me

ebay sales YOU won't regret! Yet more daemons! Maybe not safe for work... eek!


Tar'Akoona the Fiery (1)

Tar'Akoona the Fiery (2)

Nice, Warm and Wet

Offerings for papa Nurgle ^_^

Lyonification 2011

TWO HOUR WARGAMES DAY (in Lyon - France)

No, Really, Ouch

More Pyrrhus

Dave's work is done

Da Choppa 11
Da Choppa 12


Business & Bullets

More Chains

Off The Shelf: Reaper Dragonborn Chain Fighter Conversion

The Dr is Getting Medieval on Your Asks

Medieval town bases


Flinging Poo

Watch these filling spaces

World Eaters WIP pics

Unchain my heart

Rasia, with Spiked Chain

So long Zak, thanks for all the tips ;)

Tabletop Gaming News - now one of us!

Serious Bazes

Quick Tips#4: Seriously easy bases

Certainly is

Panzer II Ausf. L "Luchs" - another cutie!


15mm Model Comparison

Not Really Lost in Translation

Varthar - prosseguimento
Varthar - prosseguimento

Genconification Ebbs

Gallery fotografica Gioconomicon

Gen Con 2011 - Day 3 & 4 recap
A video recap of the final day of Gen Con 2011

Wyrd Miniatures at Gen Con 2011

GenCon 2011 Trip Report, Pt. I

Gen Con 2011 a photo journey

Dark Age Apocalypse demo at Gen Con 2011

Gen Con 2011 - Part 4 - Final Part

GenCon Booty
GenCon #6
GenCon #5
GenCon #4
GenCon #3
GenCon #2
GenCon #1

Video #60: Dark Age Immortals 2011 Winner and Spoilers from GenCon 2011
Visiting Gen Con 2011

GenCon 2011 Trip Report, Pt. II

GenCon 2011 – Wrap-up

Moar GenCon #13: Jen Ikuta and Matt DiPietro again!
Moar GenCon #14: Jason Martin and DC
Moar GenCon #15: Matt Wilson & Will Schick
Moar GenCon #16: The Final Photodump

Fantasy Flight Games 2011 In-Flight Report

Eventi ludici > GenCon 2011 > FFG Dust
Eventi ludici > GenCon 2011 > Catalyst Leviathan

Storming the Shores

GeekChic: GenCon Bilder

Gencon 2011 Report

Battle: Rite of Passage at Gencon 2011, Grand Scrutator Severius vs. Major Markus Siege Brisbane, 50 points

Super Dungeon Explore & Relic Nights

Wyrd at Gencon

Gen Con Photopalooza

GenCon 2011 Wrap Up

Gen Con 2011 – Terrain and Miniatures