Saturday, 14 January 2012

White And Proper

Guest Article: White Scars and how to paint white


Forging the Iron Wolves – Thundercrusher WIP

Always Love The Chickies

OEGB finished

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Cancel the search parties!

Renforts Anglais WWII - 20mm

The Calm Before .............

Scratch Built Thunderbolt Fighter

Ain't you Benito Mussolini, conqueror of Abyssinia and former dictator of italy? - Axis and Allies Anniversary

Impetus at Kauzenburg 2012

Sosnowe chorągwie

Perry Crusader spearmen II

My Warlord Celts are done for the time being

Four Servitors Completed & Based

Vampires are comming!

Wild Animals

From JuanM: French and Indian Wars Militiaman (5 points)

WWW II Battle

Snowy Space Wolves- Armies on Parade

5.5" Gun Battery

Panzerkompanie vs Motor Infantry

A Trio of Triumphs


Old SfW-FT minis comparison

Vassal of Menoth Complete

Calpe Miniatures - Prussians

Dream Pod 9 previews Sampson Hover APC

Death's Head Hussars

Showcase: Necron Warriors

Showcase: Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons 3

Clash in the Fields of Contagion

Front Rank General Lefebvre-Desnouettes - Ready to Command

And Still

Necron review elite, Triarch Stalkers


Ogre Stonehorn Complete + Painting video
How to Paint Ogre Stonehorn


MENG Katsuodori Ram-Jet Fighter


Dem Hulk seine Familie

Sharing Is Caring

Copyright and the Hobby Blog

Hobbycribs B&A


Vikings (2) (bumped for being horny)

Saga, Vikings on tour....

Swedish Vikings Gallery

Viking Berserkers

Maude Lebowski : the mini that abides

Viking Warrior

Holiday painting


First Out of the Gate - From MilesR - 28mm Vikings and a Lonely Norman (25 points)

Gripping Beast - New SAGA Releases

Dead Germans and a Viking with a Golf Bag Full of Axes

28mm Gripping Beast Anglo-Dutch and Viking test pieces

Navi vichinghe

The SAGA of Ragnar Hairy Pants

The Saga Continues...

Viking Warlord for SAGA

Laser Dream Works Releases 28mm Viking Ship

More Vikings for Saga

Saga : Essai de peinture

Viking Raider

From DallasE: 28mm Normans & Vikings

From MichaelF: 28mm Vikings

Viking ship scale model

Vikings for SAGA, point 1

Early Medieval Vikings in 1/72 Scale

Laser Dream Works Releases Viking Ship Shield and Prow Upgrade Kits

Saga : Seconde unité

Svein and the Lads

Jom's Vikings

Viking misery

From TimB: 28mm Vikings, Scots & Dark Age Casualties (85 points)
Vikings & Victims