Thursday, 21 April 2011

Got the urge to paint and base an old Necron (Part 5)

Primed with my black, hand-primer, mix, then base-coated with Vallejo Liquid Gold silver and gold ...

Red test started, using my Vallejo/MP Paints mix ...

I have worked as hard as I intend to work (oh how I have worked), to get darker, metallic, red ...

Lesson learned: Darker, metallic, red is difficult to create and probably why we cannot buy it.

Not Flashy

Cities of Death terrain ~ Illuminating the Bastion part 1
Cities of Death terrain ~ Illuminating the Bastion part 2

Been there, done some of it :)

Unboxing Tomb Guard Tomb Kings 2011 | Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Ogrerighty Then

How to paint Skaven Rat Ogre? | Warhammer Fantasy Battle | buypainted

Nice to put faces to names

Sculpting Legends... Alan & Michael Perry - Salute 2011

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Best I can do, for then and now ...

Community Pimp: Past and Present Painting
Back to Basics: Then and Now [part 1]
Back to Basics: Then and Now [part 2]

First, properly painted*, miniature (not finished, of course). Mould lines were retained, so as to ensure that 'reinforced look'. Please note the subtle washes on the 'cloth' and axe handle, and the tight layering/wash on the AMM axe. Even the boots have a subtle, brown, wash. As was de rigueur, at the time, the painting technique is SOOTP (straight-out-of-the-pot). I need not comment on the prowess of the base (ca. 1993) ...

*after reading the 'How To' books and trying shading, layering etc (but not much highlighting, interestingly).

For recent work, you will have to follow Old Red Necron.

I would follow his orders

Master of the Fleet

Don't Titter Missis

CMON Shop Update: Size DOES matter!

New Expert in Town

Thor Movie Display 01 - Official Hasbro Work

Pinnacle Zenithal

Zenithal Airbrushing, OSL and Snow and Ice Tutorial, subject - Grey Knight


Basic Photography tips..

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Fantastic Mr. Famo!

Laurentimort - Daemon Prince of Laurentix (Part 3)

Armature completed and work on detailing now begins ...


Joy of Painting XVI

Shout Out for The Colonel, from The Gentle Philosophers, at LAtCS

Episode 24

But funny