Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I love them ,,, but, astronauts?

Soviet Grey Astronauts Heads

Sole Tower

Tower how to


Tribe of the Bear complete

Pieces not to be missed

AMT Torrent 2011

Eldar Shadowseer

Kabuki Models Boxart: Gorgon Knight

Ultramarines Army: Technomarine and thunder cannon

Kabuki Models: Millenium Knight

Millenium Knight, Version 2

Arwen, finalista Golden Demon

 mounted krieg

chaos terminator lord, gold spanish GD


The horrors of the dragon's hoard

Tone it down

W&N Matte Varnish


Review- Quantum Gothic Armoured Wall Starter Set

Letting the paint flow

After the workshop Morsa-Volomir 16-17 july 2011

Flock On

Making Flock

Whose Turn?

Most Ostentatious Turn Counter Ever

The Skinny

Types of Thinners

Lovely and relevant to me

Skirmishers in the Wilderness
TactiCon ’11

Poor dog

More Modern Day Marines miniatures – Eureka Miniatures

You need to ask?

Why aren't you enjoying painting?

Wash On

Making my own washes

Just very lovely

Sasha finished...


CoolMiniOrNot Instant Mould

Seems very wrong, somehow

FALLEN KNIGHT -fotos finales-J.D.M.L.


Project Log: Finished Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer
Techmarine with conversion beamer

On a gun thing

Airsoft AEG : DBoys M4 CQB-R 6mm BB
BB Rifle : Umarex - Baikal - YunkerII 4,5mm (based on real AK)
Airsoft : Glock 32 Kuan Ju Works