Saturday, 16 April 2011

An oldie, but a goodie

Ogam & Stone - a model railway layout

Leave them or not?

Quick Review: Autumn leaves... 

Some Friendly Plastic/Oyumaru/InstantMold WIP (Part 6)

Skulls and bits, the outcome ...

So, what did we learn today? ...

(1) Quality of the product matches the quality of the mould,
(2) All were removed very easily,
(3) Try to improve the 'heat retention' of the FP, or pre-warm the objects, so as to increase the fine-detail quality,
(4) As (3), by applying clamp-force, to the FP and the object,
(5) Last skull confirms avoiding sloping objects,
(6) Happy with the first two skulls (and the 'nipple'), as core sculpting pieces.



How to paint targetting lenses

Guess What? The Stuff


The Net

Making cammo netting for models

Just 'found' some lovely artwork from another area

Alderac Entertainment Group

Magnetic Termination

GK Termi Magnetization Tutorial

Easy Peasy

Easy Highlighting

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbbit

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