Monday, 21 May 2012

Not Wrecked

Review: Wreck-Age minis

Rabbit, Rabbit, Torch

This Week in 40K Podcasting – 5/11/2012 – 5/17/2012


Citadel Paints: Derek the Dark Angel, Birth of a Splodgy Legend…

Blue Sana

Hasslefree Miniatures: Sana Unboxing

He Is Here

Large Blast Str 10 AP1 Ballistic Skill 10: Say What?

Not Metric

Forge World: Imperial Strong Point Unboxing

Let Them

Cake of awesome!


Ghoul King on Terrorgheist painted

Currency Conversion

CHAOS! Wicked Converted Slaaneshi Exorcist

The "Cat from Hell" work update


Why the Pie Hates You

Forge World has new Colossal Squig

Kromlech has new Bedlam Fraternity heads

Puppets War releases their Gatling Turret MK 2

New Storm Eagle tray from Battlefoam

Avatars of War new release: Dark Elf Sorceress

Acheson Creation Releases the next in its line of Kaiju Kaos Products – the Giant Serum Z Muncher

Antenociti’s Workshop Warthog Now Available

Hawk Wargames previews Jaguar Warstrider

Scibor Miniatures has new SF Celtic Torin Mech Suit

Wojtek’s Pixies – new from Warlord Games

Hawk Wargames posts up Seraphim fighter

Demo’s Laser-Cut Designs new building facades

Acheson Creation Releases the next in its line of Science Fiction Products – the Plasma Storage Unit

GCT Studios previews next Savage Wave release

Battle Systems Battle Bunker set arrives May 14th

Najewitz Modellbau new Normandy Garage/Inn

Acheson Creations 3 new Fantasy terrain pieces, Ruby Red and Ice & Snow crystals and Red Mushroom

Urban Mammoth new releases available for ordering

Fat Spider has new General Store terrain

Impact Miniatures previews Halfling Team Owner


crimson king hierotitan


Retro Electric Powered Necrons!

Quick and small Sunday night battle

Puppies! – Okay, Fenrisian Wolves.

Mark of the Wulfen - Modelling

Badab War: Brother Librarian Lycurgon

Sheffield Triples 2012 – nineteen years on!

Hobby: Big bug finished

Elves as Adventurers

What I Learned at Adepticon


What a busy week!

The Armies are on Parade

OesteModels 2012 Photos 2

Rat Attack

A quick and simple Viking camp for Impetus

KGN get on the bus & Empire of the Dead

Completed: Dust Allied Medium Walkers


Space Wolf Standard Finished

The Visitor. A VSF battle

Releases, releases, releases!

What’s New Today Needs You!