Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Do they wash?

Secret Weapon washes: A critical review

Thrifty Ron

Turning cardstock into plasticard

Blog On

How to promote your blog

Hobby philosophy from Ron

Hobby Focus: Creating a mood
Hobby Focus: Model AND Environment
Hobby Focus: Varying your shadows
Adding detail to other areas of your models

More to brush up on

The life expectancy of a good paintbrush


Hobby Focus: The use of static grass

Spatter Around

How to paint blood splatters

Metal Moments

Hobby Focus: Adding more to your metals


The Dark Emissary

Grab a Classic

Miniatures for Sale
Space Marine

Grey Knight Fest

11 i 12
Castellan Crowe i Emperor’s Champion

A fave Alexia and other lovely paintjobs

Alexia Ciannor (and the Risen): Complete

Drake MacBain: Complete

Some Malifaux (Guild) Photos

Purely Useful

I show you how to paint Grey Knights Purifier

Rule them in

Scale Rulers

Packet o' Peas

Games Expo - Birmingham

Nice Barn

The Dwarf Lager - A 28mm Terrain Article

How'd yer like them bananas?

The Yellow Stuff 

Rabbit, Rabbit, Game

Gaming Podcasts

Glorious Ruin

The Chapel

Just in case

Feldherr Pictures

Where there's brass, there's ...

Brass Rod Weapons


Fun with Laserz

Spanish sculpting goodness

Dark Wizard - Mago Oscuro
Chief Ork - Cacique Orko

Some glorious Chaotic conversion WIPs

Tzeentch Lord on a Converted Disc WIP

New Spawn….Influenced by the Disc and a Buddy

Cannot fault this beauty

Hmmm....Very Interesting.....


Tutorial: Making A Forest

We don't see many of these ...

Dixon's Kuroda Nagamasa - Finished
Dixon's Samurai Light Field Gun - Finished
Dixon's Samurai Light Field Gun - WIP +1

Can change it spots

Relic's Pyrrhus - WIP +2

Relic's Pyrrhus - Finished

Lovely Oooowooo from a friend

HORDES- Circle Orboros WIP- Warp Wolf Finished