Monday, 8 October 2012

Added A 'Colonel On Maneuvers' Link

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Bigger Rack

Stepped Paint Storage Final

Little Pieces

Let's Do The Chopstix Again!

See Through

transparent pigment for clear casting resin

Miraculously Mangling Marines

SpookyToberFest Update 2 Project One Gaming

spacemarine in mkIV sculpt complete
the 'making of' brian

Mouldy (bumped for addage)

Easy How to make a Two-Part Mold. Part 1 of 3
Easy How to make a Two-Part Mold. Part 2 of 3
Easy How to make a Two-Part Mold. Part 3 of 3 

Dark Creates Light

Back to Basics: Lighting and Shadows


Malifaux Ten Thunders Slideshow and Updates for SoCal Malifaux
Malifaux Ten Thunders Crew Painted! And thanks!


Warmachine / Hordes Storm Troll Unboxing


Miniature Review - 28mm Plastic Norman Infantry from Conquest Games
Miniature Review - 28mm Plastic Mounted Sergeants from Fireforge Games

Half Full

RX-78-2 Part 4: Half way there... 


furioso dreadnought unboxing


Painting Polystyrene - Adding printed embellishments - Facetube Wargaming Painting Week

I'll Get My Coat

Bench Talk: Between Coat Times and Reducer Temps
Paint Drying Cabinet
BENCH TALK: Information Nation
STYRENE DISPATCH: Spray Booth (Prices Have Doubled Already!) 



On Earth

Bring forth the Hell Dorado Immortals! (Unboxing)