Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I wish all their bases belonged to me

Micro Art Studios - Infinity Urban Bases

Ángel has been as busy as usual ...


Lovely, unique, work.

'Bear' based...

Don't do many aircraft, so here is a treat ...

Sea Harrier

Harrier Repost

Pile in Lads ...

Back to Basics: Multiple assaults in Warhammer 40,000 - Done correctly

Messy, but Magnetic

How to magnetise your Blood Angels assault squads

Yes, Yes, Yes !!!!

Grey Knights First Wave Confimed!
40k Grey Knight price lists leaked

And so it continues ...

Baneblade Transformer, From Baneblade to Titan

Did you see the blinkin' thumbs?

Part1 - Painting A Blood Angels Vanguad Veteran

Show Offs

FMC show 2011

Cheating ;)

Flames of War - Airbrushing


Eldar Falcon

Picture says it all

Вот такие малыши

Ouch - Nuff said

Ron & Bones - Pirate Miniatures: Matusalen

Ahoy Ladies, Ouch

Ron & Bones - Pirate Miniatures: Mary Gold

Ron & Bones - Pirate Miniatures: Lady Buller

Pressing Issue

Adventures In Press Molding

Hobbycribs (+)

Joy of Painting III

Eh, painting red !!!

Red Corsairs Test Model

Who said smoking was bad?

Spotlight On... Golgotha, Space Marine Alpha Level Psyker

Weld I never

Creating fake weld points

Has the power to know

Painting Gold

Wish I spoke Polish

Polish Staghound

Well, compared to others ...

Is Forge World Really THAT Good?

Well, Hello - Ouch

ElodieMae - Painted Mae-Annetta


Can You Sculpt?

I think I like it

Myths of Legend “Odin”