Thursday, 10 February 2011

You're Irresistible

Simple Shiny Gold Technique

40K Nation Wants YOU!

40k Nation 
40k Nation Join Up

Uhu for the ...

How to: Add blood effects to miniatures
How to: Make Slime/ooze/goo for Miniature Displays
UHU glue tutoiral

Face it, 'tis nice

Painting Faces, Vid 88

All your pigs

Using pigments to paint bases

US-Assisted Polystyrene Stripping

Greater Expectations of an Ultrasonic Cleaner and updates

YouTube Airbrush Frenzy

Ultrasonic Cleaner to Clean your Airbrush 
Capital building ~ Section 1~ Airbrushing complete! ~ Cities of Death ~ Update # 5
Airbrush Setup, briefly explained. As requested ;)
A tale concerning airbrush's
Total War 126 Airbrushs and skulls for the.... Emperor?!?!?

Make sure you credit everything you say on it

Adding podcasts to your hobby

Lovely Yuck

The Plaguernaught‏

This is NOT a Textbook

Citing Your References

Totally disagree, of course. If you want to find a source, you are quite able to do so, from the links.

To be loved, is to be credited.

Never forget the 'board


Really, no need to

New Stormraven trays from KR !

No need to wiggle

Magnetic Army Tray Design by Kennedy