Sunday, 5 February 2012


Drilling and Pinning Tutorial

SShhhh - Choose Yours (bumped for addage)

Secret Weapon Mud & Water Bundle REVIEW
Secret Weapon Miniatures Product Review


Soda Pop Miniatures: The Prefects


Everything in this world exists to wear you down...


Hobby Focus: Using color saturation for effect

Lots Of Green

Painting "The Hammers" and "Rhino" Part 1


Airfix 1/72 vs Platoon 20 (20mm), First World War


muthaf#ckin' sea monsters...

A Sense



Review: Reaper Master Series HD paints

Popooree (bumped for addage)

The board is set, the pieces are moving.

Battle Report - Team Shenanigans Tournament

Lost and the Damned | Traitor Guard [WH40K]

42nd Heavy Weapons Detatchment (Painting)

A Big Lump of Resin 'Stone 'n Crap' for £65?! Hmm...

Painting another man's army: Delivery Day.

Ich liebe es, wenn ein Plan funktioniert!

Privateer Press updates…
Colossal, War Room & Heap
The really big news from Privateer press today - and It's not colossals

Transports for Draigo and the Grey Knights


On the Road Again

Chaos Sorceror

Puños Carmesíes de CoolMiniOrNot

Eden - New models will break the bank as they are must haves!

Cut You Up..

Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl: another team for 2012

Legión Demoniaca 5. Carro de Tzeench

23 - 25 of 666 - Crypt Horrors

Very simple modelling project: Death Star

Kitbash Mechs


Llena de barro

Fantasy Friday - Bringing the Pain

Possum Corner's Men-in-Blue

Orzeł Leśnych Elfów

Nightlord Rhino finished

Skaven project : Final part

Menoth Vengers pics

Skeletal Plague Marines!

On Seamless Conversion Subject: Dwarf Banners

Chapterhouse Studios New Releases.

Newly Painted Grenadier Samples - AWI

Some of my older (pre-Blog) paint jobs from 2010

Wolontarze po raz 6ty!

The fluyt "Cock Tail"

Eldar Lynx Finished

Yaaaar! Da Blak Pearl- Giant Ork Landship

Hyperios! Red Scorpions Hotness

God Wills It! Crusader Dreadnought

Double Decker Taco? Aircraft Carrier- Dystopian Wars

Nurgle Dread

 HäT Swedish Napoleonic Infantry

One dark night in Poland....

Vikings for SAGA. Point 3: Bondi

Thomarillion Releases New Interior Scenery

The Trees

Cool Mini or Not - Confrontation Belial

Fallschirmjäger changed my life...

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Land Raider Spartan Painted

Sunstorm Squadron

Necron Wraith Conversions

Large JR Miniatures Factory for Stevograd

Return to the Fields of Contagion

Showcase: Pre-Heresy World Eaters Deimos Pattern Predator

Painting: Better Alpha Legion Biker Shots

 Kampfgruppe Normandy, Highway to hell.....

Byzantine Cavalry

Another Award Winning Army (This time one that was featured in WD)

Reaper Bathalian Pirate

WOTR Batrep: Isengard Rises from the Maelstrom

Latest Arnhem Wargame Photos

Medieval Clash of Empires

Bows n Roses - Phase 1

 WIP 15mm Norse Marauders

Hexwraiths 2

Warmachine: Man-O-War Demolition Corps

Friday Showcase - Bog Trog Ambushers

DBA IV/61 Venetian Italian Condotta

 FOW Small After Action Report ‘Capture the Guns’ Preview

Brigade Models - New 6mm Terrain

Warlord Games - New Scenery and Accessories

Perry Miniatures - Bashi-Bazouk Cavalry

Conflict GT: Warhammer 40K (Part III)