Sunday, 3 March 2013


Big Spring Contest Entry

Busty Beasts (bumped for addage)

Krull Update, Vid 233
Krull Assembly and Review, Vid 232
BaneBeast Krull-New Project, Vid 231
Unboxing Scibor Miniatures Dwarf Bust, Vid 229

Tray Be An

Dual Use Movement Trays

Update: down or up , do not matter
Update: magnet to you're base!


Flory models news show 1st March 2013

Fly By Night

40k Dark Talon and Nephilim Fighter

Stand Back Sir, A Tank

Ogryn -- Imperial Guard -- Painting For Us Mere Mortals Painting Tutorial
Empire Steam Tank Painting For Us Mere Mortals Warhammer Fantasy Painting Tutorial

Tight Spaces

Gluing Tip For Small Model Parts, Vid 234

Infinite Buildings

Infinity Terrain Kits- Campaign Update - Cool Minis


Jdidpainting Commission - Painted Retribution of Scyrah Hyperion

Bubble Busting

PowerMold 2 Part Dog Figuring Casting


Unboxing Hall of Heroes The Broken Facade - Gale Force Nine Scenery



Mister Erious

ZombiesRCoolPainting Unboxing/Review Mr Graves Malifaux Miniature

Keep Shouting !!!

Shout Out Saturday Episode 11 - Dave the Bartender
Shout Out Saturday Episode 10 - Terrain Minion
Shout Out Saturday Episode 9 - Old Git
Shout Out Saturday Episode 8 - Malifaux Bob
Shout Out Episode Saturday 7 - CouragenHonour

miscellaneous: ShoutOuts and more

Flaming Bits

Flames of War - VG HMG and more
Flames of War - Adding minis to Golf Tees

Fewer Brains

Zombicide Toxic City Mall and Prison Outbreak Expansion Details
Toxic City Mall and Prison Outbreak Kickstarter

Back In The USCR (bumped for done)

Painting a USCR Commissar Part 5
Painting a USCR Commissar Part 4
Painting a USCR Commissar Part 3
Painting a USCR Commissar Part 2
Painting a USCR Commissar


For Sale
NEW Tribal Glyphs for sale