Saturday, 11 February 2012


Why I Like Going to Auctions


Renegade psyker conversion

Popooree (bumped for addage)

Fire at will!
Front rank fire! Rear rank fire…

Return to Big Toof River

Dain, Balin, and a whole host of Dwarves
The White Wizard approaches; Ian talks fighting Uruk-hai
So many models, so little time

A Big Table and Big Terrain

Ogre Thundertusk

Battle Report 1750 pts : Necrons vs Khorne Daemons

Destruktorlord / Destroyer Lord

Vampirkutsche fertig

The Fighting French!

What a weekend!!

Golden Demons 2011: Clash of Slayer Sword winners

Paint of the "Franch Napoleonic Line Infantry 1812-1815" Part 7 (28mm Plastic /Parry miniatures)

Alternatives to Metal: Plastic :Response

Genestealer Cult Priests: painted

Many more Renegades

Toy Fair 2012 – Photo Report! #1

More Inspiring Terrain

leFH18 Howitzer - 10mm vs 1/144

More from Privateer Press…

Strike Force Contest

Salamanders Snipers

Sound the alarm, the Undead have returned

Melchett Runs Rampant- Dystopian Wars

Sexy, Manipulative, Witch... Valeria!

Malifaux - Show girls crew update

Finished! Trollbood impaler


The Astronomican - a Warhammer 40k blog

Sharp Stuff

Sharpening a chisel

Still See The Joins

Cthulhu mini - Lovecraft Collection


The Astronomican - a Warhammer 40k blog

CMON Lovelies

CMON Shop Update: 8 new items from Dark Sword Miniatures!
CMON Shop Update: New offerings from Studio McVey!
The Rising
Winged Carnosaur on sculpted base with lava effects
Tywin Lannister

In Memorium

Haiku Thursday #15: Bastonbeil

How Not

How to Remove Paint and Influence People


Dark Heresy - The Brazen Triumph

Etching To Have A Go

Centurion update: brass etch!
Centurion update




Podcaster Spotlight: The Independent Characters - Carl Tuttle (Part Three) 


Battlefoam Review – Privateer Press Bag


How to make Lava Bases for miniatures? Warhemmer 40k | Chaos Daemons | Grey Knights | Buypainted

Very Nice

Studio Update: Amazing Dwarf Army display board!!!


Building the Excursion Train & Coal Mine Scenes: Part 40


Steampunk Dorothy