Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tomb Kings, How Do They Work? - Sehenesmet (Part 6) ... Necrolith Buddy, for now

I have decided, that this will be an Action Necrolith, rather than a statue ... so, first stage of his base ...

... and, can an Action Necrolith walk around with a face like someone at a funeral? ... of course not ...

Laurentimort - Daemon Prince of Laurentix (Part 6)

Just a quick update.

Head has magnet, neck has ball bearing ball ... allowing different heads and orientation.

Work started on Falxfoenaria and contemplation of left arm ...

Light Up Your Life

Lighting Tutorial: LED basics part 1
Lighting tutorial: LED basics part 2

AGP Goes Classic

Goin' Old-School!

Hot, Blue, Swords

Master Class Tutorials 1


Wryth's Week in Wargaming

Watch Your Back

Photo Background


12 SS Panzer IV - 1/56th -

Strong Ladies


Well Deserved - Forkstonification 2011 Revisited

Euromilitaire 2011

Euromilitaire 2011 '' BEST OF SHOW''

Euromilitaire 2011 : The medals!!!

Abingdonification 2011

3rd-4th September, Abingdon

Maybe if you need to sleep :)

Hobbyist or Gamer: Do You Have to Choose?

Armies on Parade - Borrowed

Armies on Parade- Daily Gallery

One to watch

Dark Eldar Super Heavy
Dark Eldar Superheavy [2]
Dark Eldar Superheavy [3]
Dark Eldar Superheavy [4]
Dark Eldar Superheavy [5]

Cold Thoughts

Idea for the ice board

Birminghamification 2011 - Here We Go

Golden Demon UK 2011 Sneak Peak

Nasty Niceness

Strain, sedition wars


Cool Mini Or Not - Sorceress with Famili

Really Big

Kartonowo - żywiczny Whippet w skali 1:15 ...

A może by tak Mark V w 1:15 ????

Very Nice

Lhamaeana de los Eldars Oscuros

All Spanish To Me

Russian Tank T34 1/3
Russian Tank T34 2/3
Russian Tank T34 3/3