Monday, 15 August 2011

Silver Machine

Spartan Games - Dystopian War Painted Metzger

Teeny Tiny Tank (+) Treasures

2011 Iron Cross Painting Competition Winners

Historicon 2011: Report and Results

The Colonel Resurrects a Unfinished Piece From a Collection of Many (Part 1)

Started as a CD competition piece, evolved (through a number of cameras!), regressed and it is now time to get the 'water' done, to a reasonable standard ... and then shade/highlight (and paint the foliage) to completeness ...

The Old Days

The Old Days

The Old Days

The Old Days

All My Textured Bases May Belong To Me, Soon (Part 4)

First test piece.... nothing special here ...

(1) Prime dilute GW C Black mix,
(2) Base GW C Granite,
(3) Drybrush GW A Battlegrey,
(4) Drybrush GW A Grey,
(5) Wash dilute 'Bursley Recipe' black wash,
(6) Drybrush GW A Grey,
(7) Wash dilute GW B Black wash ...

(Daylight/daylight lamp)

Any requests/suggestions/advice for the others?

p.s. this surface was heavily-squidged, during the clean-up.

All My Textured Bases May Belong To Me, Soon (Part 3)

Squidged round bases on left,
Unsquidged square bases on right,
All ready for shaping and/or priming ...

Kölnification - Prepare for Chindrop

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Tool Time

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Sweet BGzus

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